Amazing is the word I heard over and over and over again at DECA’s first Pumpkin Parade. It really was.  Nearly 500 pumpkins lined the walkway and the pool.  Here are just a few.  There are a whole bunch of thank yous to come for this one, but let’s just start with the fabulous organizer Heather Bean – who had a great idea and ran with it.  That’s pretty amazing too.


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  1. What a wonderful idea! We wandered up with our 3 year old after supper and the park looked magical. The glow of the pumpkins and the sound of children’s laughter filled the park.

  2. The pumpkin parade was absolutely magical! It was a massive community art installation… just beautuful! I couldn’t believe the turn out. What an incredible success… what an incredible community.

  3. We were thrilled to wagon our four pumpkins to join their kin in the park. It was like a Halloween fairy land. and the joy of children of all ages admiring and exclaiming over the jack-o-lanterns was wonderful to hear. Thank you so much for such a simple but beautiful community event.

  4. Thank you to Heather and everyone else who made this happen. It was magical. ‘ Took me back to my pagan Celtic roots!

  5. Thanks Heather & team for organizing a fabulous event – and to everyone in the community who participated – artists and admirers alike. The turn out of pumpkin heads and the community was truly inspiring. It makes me feel very fortunate to live in such a vibrant and supportive community. Looking forward to next year!

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