2nd Annual DECA Young Leader Scholarship


There are a lot of kids in our neighborhood with huge potential. Some of them are already volunteering their time to make our neighborhood a better place. They might be volunteering as coaches, running park clean ups, organizing a school conference, spending time helping out at our local food bank…

DECA wants to help one of them this upcoming school year through our second annual DECA Young Leaders Scholarship, which is part of the “Investing in our Diversity Scholarship Program” created by Scadding Court Community Centre in 2001. The scholarship is for $2000 to help a graduating student with the costs of their upcoming postsecondary schooling.

“Through this scholarship we want to recognize, encourage and support young leaders in our community,” says Elizabeth Dove, spokesperson for DECA Connects, the working group that aims to increase the neighbourhood’s sense of community by addressing local social issues.

To qualify for the 2nd Annual DECA Young Leader Scholarship, the student must: be 25 or younger; live or go to high school inside the DECA catchment (Monarch Park to Main St., Lumsden/Mortimer to the train tracks); be graduating this year and have a plan to continue education; identify a financial need; and have a strong record of activism or engagement.


The application deadline is March 24. Details can be found at www.scaddingcourt.org/deca_young_leaders_scholarship


Last year’s local winner, former Danforth Collegiate student Chantelle Johnson, pictured above, used the funds to start her studies at Humber College in Fashion Business Management.

DECA Connects plans to raise money for the scholarship with a second annual June community ping-pong tournament. So get out your rackets and start practising!


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