Two great workshops & a sample sale

Wednesday night – take your pick…improve your space or learn to wear your baby? Either way, get out and take part in these great local workshops!

On Wednesday, January 24 from 7-8:30pm, come to Fresh Paint Studio and Cafe (1849 Danforth) and join professional organizer Cherie Cox, interior designer Melissa Peretti, and mortgage broker Lisa Okun to talk about how to love your home – tips, trends and great info. $5 – includes a chance to win a raffle prize.

Buy tickets and get more info here:

Or register for a Babywearing workshop at Silly Goose Kids on Wednesday, Jan 24 from 7-8:30pm! Be sure to follow them for all of their events and workshops!

Email Leigh to register by clicking here.

Also, don’t miss the Saloman Sample Sale on this weekend!

Big changes proposed for Danforth and Coxwell

Thanks to DECA’s Visioning Committee for these important updates!

The future of the Danforth TTC Garage site at Danforth & Coxwell (south/east corner) is now being determined after years of planning and visioning by many, including DECA’s Visioning Committee.

On the 24th of January, City Council will be asked to vote on a proposal to locate the future station for the Amalgamated 54/55 Police Division at the Danforth TTC Garage site at Coxwell & Danforth.

If approved, this site will be developed to house expanded TTC uses, a police station, a library as well as other cultural and public uses, which will be determined as part of the Master Plan process.

DECA looks forward to being part of the process, along with the Danforth Mosaic BIA and others in the community in working with the city and the police to realize this important city-building project in our neighbourhood.

Stay tuned!

A new year, a new Board


Happy New Year!

At our recent Annual General Meeting, the DECA membership elected a stellar Board for 2018:
Gay Stephenson & Loreen Barbour (Co-Chairs)
Audrey Kvedaras (Vice Chair)
Anita Schretlen (Treasurer)
Nicole Bergot-Browning (Secretary)
Alison McMurray
Jennifer Scott
Amanda Olsen
Melissa Peretti
Rebecca Green
Brad Bradford
Lorraine Cheng

Here is a message from incoming co-Chairs Gay & Loreen:
One of the many things to love when you get involved in our neighbourhood is that it makes the world feel like a brighter place. Gathering with neighbours to work on local happenings or projects has a way of harnessing good energy and comes with the benefit of getting to know more of the people who live across the street, around the corner, or down the block.

In the coming year, DECA would like to build even more opportunities for us to connect with one another. We’d like to meet you! We’re will be continuing to host “meet and greets” before Board meetings, building on this initiative from the past couple of years. Half an hour before the meeting begins, come chat with us! Watch this blog and Facebook for meet and greet dates and times for the new year. (Hopefully you are reading this because you are a blog subscriber!) Better yet,  if you haven’t already, join DECA as a member. It’s only $10 per/family per year and you can do it online here.

Did you know that everything DECA does began as someone’s idea? From vision to reality with the support, energy and dedication of many others! Initiatives like the Farmers’ Market, the Danforth East Arts Fair, Pumpkin Parade, Festival of Lights, DECA Pride, Visioning Committee, DECA Connects, Business Revitalization Team, Pop-up Shops, Laneway Crawl and more- they all started as an idea in someone’s head.

So as we go forward into 2018, we look forward to meeting with you, sharing time and inspiration. Perhaps you, or one of your neighbours have the next big (or small) idea for our neighbourhood? We want to hear them all so let’s get to know one another in the new year! And don’t forget to let us know if you’re hosting an event in the ‘hood and we’ll help spread the word. We are entirely volunteer run so the easiest way to alert us is by tagging us on social media.