DECA Learns: Reskilling workshops are back!

Many thanks to Volunteer Extraordinaire Melanie for putting all of this together!

ReSkilling Workshops

In the not so distant past, skills like canning fresh food, mending torn clothes and repairing broken items, instead of replacing them, was basic knowledge. Fast-forward to 2014 and these may be less important to you than figuring out what that green button on your DSLR camera really does, but hey, we could use a refresher in that as well.

To this end, DECA is organizing a series of ReSkilling workshops, where the goal is to re-equip people with some of these hands-on skills.

ReSkilling workshops are informal lessons taught by our community members, for our community, so let us know what you would like a refresher in and lets meet locally to brush up. And the best part is, classes will be largely free, or by small donation!

What skills do you have to share? What would you like to learn? Please contact us with any ideas for workshops that you could give, your friend could give, or that you’d like us to find someone to give! Some ideas we’re working on include: canning/preserving, learn how to use your DSLR camera, bicycle maintenance, composting/gardening, and sewing 101.

Canning Classes – Sign up!

Join your neighbors and Bernardin chef Emerie Brine for a three-part canning series this summer. All classes held at Danforth Mennonite Church (2174 Danforth Ave, just east of Woodbine) Load up at the farmers’ market and learn how to preserve the season’s bounty for months to come. Each class will teach you the fundamentals of canning and preserving, provide a live demonstration with one or more recipes and even offer yummy samples at the end of class. Sign up HERE.

June is Strawberry month and Emerie’s recipe for Balsamic Strawberry Jam is a favorite in my house, but Emery has many ideas to help you enjoy your summer berries for the months to come. Workshop scheduled for June 17 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

August is Peaches and while halved Ginger Bourbon Peaches are a delight just out of the jar, there are many ways to preserve your peaches.  Workshop scheduled for August 12 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

September is Tomatoes and Pickles. All that you need to get through fall/winter! Workshop scheduled for September 16 from 7:00-9:00 p.m.

DECA is offering this series as a part of our ReSkilling Workshops and you can sign up for one or all of the classes HERE.

For this particular series there is a suggested donation of $10 per class to cover the cost of the space we are renting.

For more information, email