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I became a ‘facebook friend’ of the True Brew Cafe (2116 Danforth)  and it’s really torture because every day I get an update of what’s in the oven and it always sounds delicious.  This was the latest one…

Carrot cake with cream cheese icing! Pecan cinnamon buns! Oatmeal chocolate chip bars! Vegetarian French Canadian Pea Soup today (contains no French Canadians). Grilled classic tuna salad sandwich or Grilled hummus, tomato and spinach sandwich.

I’m also a ‘friend’ of Relish Bar and Grill.  They don’t provide the daily dose of temptation, but they do provide updates about what’s happening.

Celena’s Bakery Grand Opening

Celena’s Bakery will be hosting the ‘official’ grand opening next weekend (March 13/14).  It’s at 2036 Danforth and it’s fabulous.  There will be lots of free samples to try so if you haven’t been, you  might want to drop by.  If you have been, you might want to drop by!

Carter’s Ice Cream …

…is back as of Easter Weekend (Good Friday is March 30th).  You know what that means?  Spring!