Ward 19 Candidates for City Councillor



Hello Neighbours,

With all of the back and forth about the upcoming municipal election and with all of the other amazing events we have on the go, DECA was unable to undertake to organize a candidates’ debate for the election.

We have submitted a set of questions to each of the Ward 19 City Councillor candidates with an email address posted on the City of Toronto elections website, and in the coming weeks we will post the Q&As for each candidate who responds, in order of receipt.

Stay tuned!

The DECA Board



All Candidates Meeting – May 15

The writ hasn’t dropped yet but we know that the provincial election is coming up on June 7 and we know who is running (from the major parties) to represent Beaches East York at Queen’s Park:

  • Rima Berns-McGown (NDP)
  • Sarah Mallo (PC)
  • Arthur Potts (Liberal)
  • Debra Scott (Green)

DECA has invited these four candidates to participate in an all candidates meeting on Tuesday, May 15 from 7:00-8:30pm at Kimbourne Park United Church, 200 Wolverleigh.

Here’s our awesome poster…👇

So far, three candidates have confirmed (still waiting on the last) so we know it will be an informative evening. Candidates have been invited to stay afterward for a brief chance to chat with people after the Q&As.

We are very grateful that David Rider from the Toronto Star will be moderating.

To keep things orderly, instead of taking questions from the floor, we are asking for suggested topics or specific questions by email.

We look forward to hearing from you and see you on May 15!

Election Reform Town Hall & Seniors Talks

Come have your say on electoral reform! Oct 12 @ 7pm, St. Bridgid’s School – 50 Woodmount.


Seniors’ Lunch & Learns @ MGH

Michael Garron Hospital is offering a number of free Lunch & Learn talks on various health topics. While one has already occurred there are two more coming up. Spread the word!


So there’s an election on….so what?

We’re all busy people with full plates and packed agendas. But we have a big decision to make in a couple of weeks, and here is why you need to care about the upcoming election, and what you can do to inform yourself.

Step 1: Vote

While Danforth East is our section of the world, we live in a city with many, many neighbourhoods woven together. What happens there affects here. (If you take the subway, you are intimately aware of this fact.) We are ONE city and we need to pay attention. Transit, childcare, taxes, services, housing, parking, development, parks – what matters to you?

On October 27, 2014, we will have an opportunity to cast three votes: City Councillor, School Board Trustee , and Mayor. Please do whatever you can to actually go and vote. It’s important. Put it in your calendar

If you already know what boxes you’re going to check on election day then you may as well get it done early.  Advanced polls are open from October 14 (tomorrow!) to Sunday, October 19 between 10:00am-7:00pm.

Need info about where to go to vote? Click here, put in your address in and click on the “Where do I vote” tab at the top.

Step 2: Get involved

There are many ways to get involved, and not all of them involve knocking on doors. Although if you are into that, your fave candidate would likely appreciate a few hours of your time! You can also offer to do some phoning or drop some leaflets.

Is there an issue that matters to you more than anything? If so, send the candidate an email or a tweet, or call them and ask what they think. Look at their websites. Drop by their campaign office and meet their staff, and get a sense of the who they are and what kind of leader/representative they would be.  Take your kids with you and ask their opinion!

Municipal politicians have to raise their own funds for their campaigns so they rely on volunteers and donors to make it all happen.  We all have an opportunity to really make a difference.

Here are the links to the list of candidates in all four wards that DECA covers:

Step 3: Come to the Ward 31 Debate on Wednesday

DECA is expressly non-partisan. We do not take sides, because we truly can and will work with anyone. We currently have very good relationships with the Councillors who represent most of us in Wards 31 and 32 (we also creep over into Wards 29 and 30) and we’re not shy to say it. At the end of the day, we want to work with the person who we all collectively decide is the best person for the job – which gets back to that need to vote!

In the spirit of facilitating a conversation, we’ve organized a Ward 31 debate scheduled for this Wednesday, October 15 (see poster below). We will not take questions from the floor that night to ensure that the short time we have with the candidates is spent on issues that matter to many rather than individuals.  If you have a burning question for the candidates, email: ward31debate@gmail.com

We’re still looking for a few volunteers to help at the debate. If you are able to lend a hand, please contact debate organizer David by email at ward31debate@gmail.com. 




(In a perfect world, we would have organized debates for all wards and in all categories, but we simply do not have the capacity for that. It’s a lot of work! One is better than none, right??)