Danforth Avenue Planning Study – Community Meeting #2 Feb 23, 7pm

Mark your calendars! The second public meeting for the city’s Danforth Avenue Planning Study happens Thursday, February 23rd, 7 p.m. at the Danforth Mennonite Church (north side of Danforth, a block east of Woodbine). DECA’s Visioning Committee, which has for the past three years been advocating and preparing for this study — with help from planners, architects, academics and a community members from many walks of life – urges that you attend this public consultation.

The Avenue Study (Phase 1 from Victoria Park to Coxwell avenues) presents a once-in-50-years opportunity for getting the east end’s main commercial street back on track toward being a lively, safe, vibrant and economically healthy destination.


Many of you will have received this notice in the mail. The purpose of this second community meeting is to introduce the Danforth Avenue Planning Study – Area Profile Report, review and obtain feedback on a draft vision statement and work done to date, and provide an update on key deliverables and study timelines.

DECA’s Visioning Committee developed these five priorities heading into the Danforth Study. What are your future hopes and dreams for the Danforth over the next 50 years? These two photographs show Danforth Ave. looking east from East Lynn Park in 1960 (over 50 years ago), compared to today.


Construction Info Night and Easter Event!

Bulldozers & Bunnies!

A friendly reminder that Wednesday, April 16 is the Danforth Avenue construction open house night!  Here’s the post about it for more details – you might want to check it out if you live near or drive on Danforth Avenue, east of Woodbine.

For more information, click here for our details post about it.

Oaks & Acorns – Easter fun this Friday

Wondering what to do this Friday? Here’s a great option from our friends at Oaks ‘n Acorns.

2014 GoodFriday Easter Event

Danforth Ave Construction Meeting – Apr 16

Hi Everyone – There is some construction scheduled for Danforth Avenue, east of Woodbine, including the street and sidewalks.  Some good news too, including trees and other greening initiatives!

On Wednesday, April 16, between 5:00-9:00pm, drop by 2575 Danforth Avenue (east of Main) for more information. Here’s the poster (2 pages), and the text is copied below just in case the poster shows up teeny tiny on your screen.

Public Notice andDrop-in event FINAL



Public Notice andDrop-in event FINAL p2

The City of Toronto has scheduled watermain replacement, road and sidewalk reconstruction, paving and streetscape improvements on Danforth Avenue between Woodbine Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue. Various streetscaping elements are being implemented in cooperation with the Danforth Village Business Improvement Area (BIA). This work will bring the roadway up to a state of good repair, and beautify the street. This project is part of the Council approved 2014 Capital Works Program.

Public Drop-in Event

We invite you to attend a public drop-in event to learn more about this project, the construction schedule, what disruptions to expect and to speak directly with project staff.

Wednesday April 16, 2014
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
2575 Danforth Avenue (Use entrance east of Barrington Ave)

Construction Work includes:

•Watermain work on Danforth (Dawes to Sibley), Dawes (south of Danforth), Kelvin and Luttrell

•Sewer replacement on Danforth (Luttrell to Kelvin) and Luttrell Avenue

•Road reconstruction on Luttrell Avenue

•Resurfacing of Danforth Avenue (Woodbine to Barrington), Dawes (south of Danforth), and Kelvin Avenue

•Streetscape improvements including:

o New sidewalks with decorative paver edge along Danforth from Woodbine Avenue to Main Street, Dawes Road to Victoria Park

o Sidewalk reconstruction at localized areas between Main Street and Dawes Road

o Planting of new trees; some to include planting beds with decorative metal railings

o Greening opportunities at localized areas

o BIA installed pedestrian lighting

Disruptions During Construction

As with all construction projects, there will be noise and temporary inconveniences. In order to complete the work effectively and in a safe manner, there will be restrictions to turning, parking and driving lanes in and around the work area. Alternative parking arrangements will be made when required.

Access for all services (i.e. garbage collection, emergency vehicles or any other usual services) will be maintained. Pedestrian access to businesses and walkways will be maintained on both sides of the road at all times during construction.

The contractor will further notify you of any temporary disruptions. Every effort will be made to reduce the inconvenience. The City appreciates your understanding and co-operation.

Private Items on City Property

Some properties may have signage, outdoor fruit stands or other physical features in front of their properties which are within the City property limits. These may be in conflict with the construction. In such cases, owners are advised to remove these items prior to the beginning of construction. The City will not be responsible for damage to any privately owned items installed on the City’s property.

Work Hours

Work will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, with work after hours and on Sundays as required.

Further Notices A more detailed construction notice will be issued before construction begins. To sign up to get email updates, contact Josie Franch at jfranch@toronto.ca. Your patience and co-operation during the construction period is crucial and appreciated.