It’s time to dance for a good cause!

Thanks to guest blogger, Juilette Fergus for this post!

Each year, for the last three years, the Danforth East Community Association (DECA) has awarded $2,000 to a local high school student who is about to enter post-secondary education/training based on the student’s involvement in supporting/improving their community. Pretty awesome, right?  We think so!

Given that DECA is a 100% volunteer-run organization without grants or any other sort of funding, we’ve got to raise some funds to make this happen – enter our 2nd Annual Retro Dance Party! By purchasing a ticket and coming to the best dance party in the East end you can have the time of your life AND contribute towards recognizing a young adult who has made our little community a better place. How’s that for a win-win?

The DECA Retro Dance Party happens on Saturday, May 25, 2019 at the East York Masonic Temple located at 13 Chisholm Ave. Hot tip – Tickets are $15 each at the door, but you can save $3 each by buying in advance via Eventbrite. You’re welcome;)

In honour of our Retro Dance Party and Scholarship guest blogger, Juilette Fergus, put together some fun facts about some of our favourite 80’s artists and their community-driven passions.


Prince holding flowers
Prince Rogers Nelson

Prince took the power of his public persona and leveraged it to become a very generous philanthropist. His key charity, “Love 4 One Another” (why am I not surprised at this name?), gave more than 1.5 million dollars to various charities, including a youth leadership non-profit, and numerous women’s empowerment initiatives. He even donated money to help those impacted by the I-35Wbridge collapse in 2007. What a true Prince of a soul!


Maddona head shot
Madonna Louise Ciccone

This lady rarely takes a Holiday from making the world a better place! A quick Google of Madonna’s charitable impact delivers a staggering list of 30+ charities that Madge has supported over her vast career. These charities range from AIDS research organizations, to international relief, to multiple children’s organizations. Her focus on children’s charities culminated in the creation of her Raising Malawi non-profit in 2006. There’s no doubt – Madonna’s heart is True Blue.


Cyndi Lauper with yellow hair
Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper

This girl ain’t just about having fun! Cyndi has made no secret of being passionate about supporting the LGBT+ community and AIDs related organizations over the course of her career. What you may not know is that Cyndi’s True Colours Residence (Jeeze, it’s hard to write that the American way!) is a major contributor to providing at-risk, homeless LGBT+ youth a safe harbour in her home town of New York City

How’s that for some community building inspiration? While our local youth likely don’t have the fame or financial resources that these celebs have (yet), there are young people in our midst making a real impact in our community. Do you know the next young Prince, Madonna or Cyndi? If you do, encourage them to apply for the DECA Young Leaders Scholarship before Tuesday, June 16, 2019.

In the meantime, see you all on the dance floor on Saturday, May 25! Costumes are encouraged ;)

Poster for DECA Retro Dance Party May 25, 2019