New biz alert: lost + found

Last week DECA Diaries got an exclusive preview of lost + found (ahem, we spied an open door and invited ourselves in). We’ve been counting down the days until opening day ever since.

lost + found, 2005 Danforth Ave.

Thankfully the wait is over! lost + found opened its doors Oct. 3 in the space at the front of The Healing Collective at 2005 Danforth, between East Lynn and Moberly. Here are some reasons why you should check them out this weekend and see why they’re “first aid for the modern soul.”

Sweet notes for the kiddos’ (or perhaps your own) lunch bag.

The lovely spot is full of stuff that can contribute to wellness in ways you might expect, such as their curated selection of self help books. But there’s also a great selection of things that might not immediately come to mind when you think “mental wellness.” Maybe it’s a piece of bling that sparks some joy, or some fun notes for your kids’ lunches to remind them you think they’re awesome. One of the four co-owners, Sarah explains that lost + found is all about “redefining what it means to be mentally well.” And their philosophy, based on three pillars of self-care, connection, and community, is evident all around the store.

Alexie (left) and Sarah (right), two of the lost + found’s four owners.

Sarah shares that between the four co-founders, Janice, Shannon, Alexie, and herself, there’s a quite a bit of experience navigating mental well-being. The group met from their shared experience of losing their partners at a young age. They’ve road tested many of the products themselves.

Getting back to that third pillar of wellness–community–they also plan to host workshops and be a Danforth East hub, promoting wellness through learning and social connection. Welcome to the hood, lost + found!

Hours: Tues, Wed 11-6 pm, Thurs-Fri 11-8 pm, Sat 11-6 pm, Sun 12-5 pm, closed Mon.