Pumpkin parade- volunteers needed!

It’s our 11th annual pumpkin parade on Monday and we are really looking forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful jackolantern creations from the community! Bring your pumpkins and candles to the park between 6 and 8 pm and add them to the parade along the walkway. Marshals will be on hand to help you and to light the candles.

We are still looking for a few people to help with this event. If you are available, please email volunteer@deca.to.

The market for Oct. 7

Time to stock up for the long weekend: Pies, flowers, veggies, beer, wine, tortillas, bread, cinnamon rolls and cookies!

This is the last week for tshirt sales and dropping off your black plastic containers. A huge thank you to the volunteers who have been working with us all summer!