Celebrate Earth Month with DECA Green Workshops

April is Earth Month, and in this year that has drawn us together so powerfully while keeping us physically apart, we are feeling the need now more than ever to honour this planet and our place on it. The DECA Green committee is bringing you a month of “Couchside Climate Action” — small ways you can make a big difference without leaving your home/neighbourhood. Follow us on Instagram for our suggestions (and enjoy beautiful graphics from Corbin Creative!) No Instagram? No problem — we will send out a weekly summary here on our blog, so just make sure you subscribe!

“DECA ZERO” Workshops: Thursdays in April, 8-9 pm via Zoom

DECA Green has partnered with the Danforth Mosaic BIA to bring you four workshops in the month of April. Each session will feature a presentation from our local experts, followed by a Q&A. Register on Eventbrite, using the link in each workshop description below.

April 8: Bicycle Readiness with The Cyclepath

Get ready to cycle! Learn essentials like rules of the road, how to safely lock up your bike, and how to fix a flat from experts at The Cyclepath. REGISTER HERE

April 15: Stocks and Soups to Reduce Food Waste with Dickie’s Cooking School

Don’t toss those veggie scraps! Learn to make delicious, flavourful vegetable stock from vegetables peels, leaves and even eggshells! All you need is a cutting board, a medium pot, carrots, celery and herbs. REGISTER HERE

April 22: Sustainable Living and Gardening with The Re Place

Learn how to reduce your waste AND how to start your garden on this Earth Day workshop.  REGISTER HERE

April 29: Mend your Clothes to Reduce Textile Waste with FabricSpark

Don’t replace…repair. We have creative ways to upcycle your clothes. Join Shirley to learn how to make repairs to well loved clothes. She will focus on items such as leggings and pant knees. Bring your questions.

If you are willing to try during the demonstration; thread, needles, scissors, embroidery thread, fabric for patches, pins. There will be a discussion on many ways to embellish repairs. REGISTER HERE