#Ward19 Candidate Q&A: Adam Smith

As we indicated in our recent blog post, DECA posed the same questions to every Ward 19 City Councillor candidate with a published email address (on the city election website). We are publishing their replies in the order that we receive them. 

First up: Adam Smith

AS pic


1. What makes you the best person to represent the Danforth East area?

I am the best person to represent Danforth East because first and foremost, having lived here many years, I frequent the area often and know it’s ins and outs.  From participating in events at Main Square, to also using the doctor’s clinic there many times, to shopping at Canadian Tire or Shopper’s World, to grabbing food and drinks at Firkin (where my launch party was) or Relish, I live the Danforth regularly.  Having been on the board of a BIA for years I know the struggles of a main street strip, and am familiar with the history of the various BIAs on the Danforth (even the sordid parts).  I’ve also been a part of both the Danforth Ave Planning Study and the Main St Planning Study, keeping on top of plans and developments like those going on in Main Square and ideas bandied about for Shopper’s World and the TTC Danforth carhouse and garage.  Lastly, I am a very energetic and passionate person who believes in more public participation in our city’s decisions, and will do everything in my power to ensure the best for all residents.
2. What do you think is the most pressing issue for this area, and what is your plan to address it?

The most pressing issue for Danforth seems to be development and mass transit, as it is ripe for intensification but also experiencing some growing pains.  The addition of hundreds of new rental units in Main Square while the future of GO RER and Smartrack seem to have no concrete deadlines, not to mention the far off Relief Line, is going to worsen conditions on transit.  An overly large office/condo tower was also proposed on the southwest quadrant of Main and Danforth that is thankfully being rethought.
3. Who do you support for mayor, and why?

I have yet to fully research all our 35 mayoral candidates and so cannot answer at this time.
4. DECA took the position that changing the ward boundaries during the election was undemocratic. What do you think about that?

Changing the boundaries in the middle of an election is VERY undemocratic, and so is the fact there was a lack of consultation, it was not even hinted at during the provincial election, and it overrides a democratic decision by council.
5. We expect that our area will see a lot of development in the next four years. What do you think about that?
I already spoke about the various developments coming, and my thoughts are that they need to respect the scale and character of the neighbourhoods they are in, they must include affordable units, and they must be timed with expansions of mass transit.
6. How will you contribute to a more diverse and representative Council?
A community voice is one of my platform planks, and with double the size ward we now have twice the diversity of populations.  I will strive to represent all communities’ interests, and am already devising systems for better information gathering from residents.  I will bring that voice to council and ensure no one is left without representation.


For more information, contact Adam Smith:


Market this week…and election news

Market This Week

This Thursday is the penultimate East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market so you won’t want to miss it. (Doesn’t penultimate sound so much better than second-last?) Come and stock up on all of your favourite fresh, locally grown/made food and support the amazing farmers that make our market possible.

Community Tent 


We’re happy to welcome Riverdale Hub/Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre, with information about their Women in the Garden program. It is a year-round program that aims to improve the physical and social well-being of newcomer women in the neighborhood though gardening workshops and yoga.  https://www.riverdalehub.ca/


The crew of volunteer facepainters will be there, ready to make all your kids’ dreams come true.



Tawes Winery will be sampling and selling everything you need for Thanksgiving dinner/weekend with your family. (Read whatever meaning into that you need to, friends)


Last summer, Tak Bui, a Toronto artist and longtime friend of DECA, set out to travel to Newfoundland. These pen & ink drawings are the result of his road trip to the Rock, where he often stopped to draw the beautiful landscape and its inhabitants. Please drop by the DECA tent to view some of these original works.


A complete show of these drawings will be displayed at “The Newfoundlander” 472 Danforth Road (at Birchmount) for one day only from 1:00-5:00pm on December 16th. For more info email Tak here or visit his website.

Election News

You may have heard that there’s an election happening. Next week on October 11 at the last market of the year, DECA has invited the City Councillor candidates for Ward 19 (east of Coxwell) to come to the market for a meet-and-greet. We’ve also invited the English School Board Trustee candidates for Ward 16 (this ward).

As you buy the last of the market goods for the season, you can chat up the candidates about your burning municipal issues. Or just tell them you think they’re awesome for putting themselves out there (which they are).

A few days after the last market, DECA has organized a Ward 16 Trustee candidates meeting on October 15 at 7:30pm (one week from Monday). Mark your calendars! If you have a question you want to pose, send it by email.


The East Lynn Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3-7:00 p.m. between June 7 – October 11 at East Lynn Park, located on the south side of Danforth Ave, just west of Woodbine Ave. Stay up to date by visiting the East Lynn Market Facebook page or by following us on Twitter. If you’d like to volunteer as a cook or a DECA Booth helper please connect!