This and That

This winter our new Home Hardware worked with the East Toronto Climate Action Group (read Mary Margaret McMahon), to promote energy conservation.  Every week, a new tip to save energy, save pollution, and save you money was displayed on their side window with the particular item that was needed.

It was a win-win-win situation because Home Hardware attracted more customers, ETCAG promoted environmental awareness, and you saved money if you took the advice!

Medical Centre Update

The construction of the new medical centre that will be built on the site of the former O’Connor’s funeral home has been delayed.  The centre, with new family health teams, was originally going to open in July, but the city workers strike last summer set them back several months.  DECA has been working with the developer and the City on such things as lighting in the alley, parking and pot holes in the back lane.  Now the developers are hoping to start demolition soon.  It will take two to three weeks and they’re hoping to have demolition done by the end of May.  Not sure yet, when they are planning to be open for business and taking new patients.

Art of the Danforth Storage

You know the fabulously large corrugated plastic items that are decorating our streets right now (the big flowers, the big horse etc)?  The Art of the Danforth needs a place to store them for a while.  Do you have such a place?  If they can’t find storage, they will have to be melted down – which seems a bit of a shame.  If you can help, contact Cindy at

Another Green Cafe is happening on Tuesday, May 11 from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at 1917 Gerrard St. E. at Glenmore Road.  There will be a free film screening and discussion about climate change, peak oil and challenges in the neighbourhood.  Contact Mary Margaret McMahon for more info or to RSVP at

This Weekend – May 1st & 2nd 2010

There is a lot happening this weekend so take notes and make a plan.

1. DECA Bikes 2nd tune-up workshop is happening this Saturday, May 1st from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Danforth Mennonite Church at 2174 Danforth.  (north side, 1 block east of Woodbine).  Bring your  bike and pay what you can. (Note – there will also be tune-ups at this year’s farmers’ market).

2. Jane’s Walks are walking tours of neighbourhoods and this year there are plenty to choose from.  Look here for a map of walks. Stephen Wickens, a DECA member, is leading a few of the walks around here.  Stephen also provided a lot of the historical background for Real and Barbara Eguchi, the artists behind the Pigeon Paradigm Project for the Art of the Danforth.  This is the series of corrugated plastic cut outs from the ‘Roxy’ Theatre at Greeenwood to the ‘Glue’ and ‘Garden’ at Coxwell and the ‘Power’ at Woodbine – along with all the pigeons you see throughout the art walk.

3. Art of the Danforth wraps up with weekend with a ton of activities, performances and studio tours:

Saturday, May 1st.

All day:  Free Comics Day at Comics & More, 1325 Danforth

10 am – 6 pm @ East Lynn Park
The longest free-standing sculpture in the world, with Jerry Silverberg (family-friendly interactive activity) & Mark Sepic’s Junkestra

12 noon @ Coxwell Public Library – Ghosts of the Danforth (Charlotte Mundy & Patrick Power)

1 & 3 pm @ Coxwell Public Library – The Box Company (David Carbert & Simon Madore)

12 noon – 5 pm @ 1275 Danforth: Graffiti art demonstration by Yannick Bihan – 1275 Danforth

12 – 6 pm: Studio Tours:    Anthony Jim @ 177 Wolverleigh Blvd (Historical Buildings in Pencil), Mark Sepic @ 159 Chisholm Avenue (Backyard Junkestra)

1 – 4 pm: IFA by Gomo George (roaming)

2 pm – Dance demonstrations by the SPACE , 1324 Danforth

3 pm @ 10 Feet Tall, 1381 Danforth – Feeling Good by SOL EXPRESS L’Arche Toronto (dance)

3:30 pm @ Cafe Tangiers, 1385 Danforth – Tales from 1001 Arabian Nights – Family storytelling
in traditional dress by Youssef Bouiahadj and Ismail Fatty

Sunday, May 2nd

12 noon – 6 pm: The Junkestra at East Lynn Park

12 noon – 5pm @ Coxwell Public Library (alternating):  The Box Company (David Carbert & Simon Madore) &  Ghosts of the Danforth (Charlotte Mundy & Patrick Power)

12 noon & 2 pm: Live painting performance by Annie Si-Wing Tung @ 1275 Danforth

12 – 5pm: Studio Tours: Heather Bell Denison @ 48 Woodington Ave (Silverworks);  Anthony Jim @ 177 Wolverleigh Blvd;  Mark Sepic @ 159 Chisholm Avenue

1-4 pm: IFA by Gomo George (roaming)

1 pm – Graffiti art demonstration by Yannick Bihan, 1275 Danforth

2 pm – Dance demonstrations by the SPACE, 1324 Danforth

6-9 pm: Closing night party for artists & friends, LucSculpture Studio 663 Greenwood

Cool Pictures and Gelatto

I know I’m gushing a bit about the Art of the Danforth, but I really really love it.

Check out some of the photographs that local photographers are taking of the Art Walk here.

Perhaps you’re walking along looking at the art and you think you could use a little nosh?  Why not stop in Quattro 4 Ragazze at 1792 Danforth for some homemade gelatto.  Yes – you can have homemade gelatto right here .  I’ve sampled my share of Quattro’s gelatto and I will say that lemon is my favourite.  It’s delish.

Finally – are you a graphic artist?  We need one to help us design a sign for the Danforth Carpet.  If you can help, let me know.

Early Arts Fair Deadline This Friday

DECA is inviting artisans to participate in the second annual Danforth East Arts Fair, to be held September, 18 & 19, 2010.  This outdoor arts and crafts fair is held in East Lynn Park, a bustling community hub on Toronto’s Danforth Ave. between Coxwell and Woodbine.  Apply by Friday, April 30th to take advantage of our reduced fee early applications.

The show provides artists with a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their work.  Our vibrant community is filled with new families, established homeowners and creative folks who are eager to support local artists.

To apply, download the application here.

Applications are reviewed and selected by a jury.  We expect approximately 50 exhibitors this year.  Applications will be accepted until June 15, 2010.  We have eliminated the application fee.

Questions?  Visit or e-mail

Spread the word!

Business Revitalization Teams In Action

Oh you think we’re just a 10 trick pony?  No no my friend.  The energizer bunnies here at DECA can’t stop.  It’s a bit of an addiction.  Once you see a little bit of change, you get a little rush and then you’re jonesing for more.  You want to stop.  But you can’t.

The Business Revitalization guys and gals have so much amazing talent, they split up and are doing two Danforth shops this season: Thai Basil Kitchen (2326 Danforth) and Danforth Carpet.   The plans have been made, but we’re looking for some help with labour next Saturday morning (May 1st).  You need only commit one small solitary hour and your help will make a huge difference.

The goal of our Business Revitalization Team is to make the streetscape more appealing – one store at a time.  It’s all part of our master conspiracy plan to make this a more vibrant, safe and walkable community.  With just one hour – you can be part of it!  If you can help – let me know!

A Treasure Hunt For The Unexpected

I walked the Danforth from Greenwood to Woodbine (actually from Bay and Wellesley to Woodbine, but that’s another story) and had a chance to see some of the art on display for the Art of the Danforth.  Throughout the planning for this event – organizer, Cindy Rozeboom, has been talking about the joy of seeing art in unexpected places (like a computer store or a children’s consignment store).  I must say, while I went along with it, I didn’t really understand why that would be so terrific.  Until today.

It’s like discovering a hidden treasure.  You walk by a store you’ve never paid any attention to and see something amazing.  You walk into a shop you’ve barely noticed and find something that moves you.  It’s like living in a neighbourhood that has just about everything you could ever need, as long as you know where to look for it.

I encourage you to pick up the map at LucSculpture (663 Greenwood) or download it here and walk the walk.  And, check out the full schedule of events to take part in the events that are happening this weekend and next.

(Oh and the DECA Family Make A Joyful Noise Parade will go ahead rain or shine at 11 a.m. on Sunday at East Lynn Park.)  As long as the weather’s decent our fabulous farmers’ market face painters will be there at 10 a.m. along with some Cozy Cafe treats!)

Saturday, April 24th

10am – 1 PM: Danforth Mosaic BIA Community clean up: wherever you are, get outside and clean up the neighbourhood!

Noon – 5 pm @ Red Sable, 1765 Danforth – create a painting to contribute to the Home & Habitat display (onsite activity)

1-2 pm @ Coxwell Parkette – Volunteer BBQ and unfurling of The Pillow Project by Laura Brown

1 pm: 1783 Danforth – BOXZART by SOL EXPRESS L’Arche Toronto (dance)

Sunday, April 25th

11 am @ East Lynn Park – DECA Family Make A Joyful Noise Parade

12 noon – 3 pm @ Coxwell Parkette – Portraits in the Park by Stephen Caissie

12 noon – 5 pm @ Red Sable, 1765 Danforth – create a painting to contribute to the Home & Habitat display (onsite activity)