Writers Wanted

Hi all,

Those of you who also receive the DECA newsletter know about our gems of the Danforth series.  They are pretty darn popular and an important part of how we, as a community, are helping to strengthen our commercial strip of the Danforth.  

Are you interested in writing one of these short little pieces?  It involves a very short interview with the business owner and a brief little story about the owner and the business.  If you’re really keen, you could take a picture.  We have a few suggestions on our list of stores that we’d like feature, or you can suggest your own.

If you have volunteered to do a bit of writing for DECA, but haven’t had the chance – this is your lucky day!

Cheers all
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  1. I am a freelance writer on Sammon Ave. who’s been following DECA Diaries with interest for a few months. I’d love to help out with a business profile or two.

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