Update on Gledhill and Lumsden Traffic Lights

A few weeks ago I passed along a note from City Councillor, Janet Davis about a proposed traffic light at Gledhill and Lumsden.  At least a few of our DECA members wrote in to the community council to voice their support for the lights at this intersection.  Below, is the update from Councillor Davis.




I am pleased to report that last week, the Toronto and East York Community Council, voted in support of my request to replace the existing pedestrian crossover at Gledhill and Lumsden Avenues with traffic control signals.  


City Council will vote on this recommendation from Community Council during the January 27th meeting.  I have every reason to believe it will be approved.  


The timing of installation will then be determined, (likely by this time next year). 


Thank you to everyone who wrote in with letters of support.  This would not have been possible without you.






Councillor Janet Davis
Ward 31, Beaches-East York

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