Toronto Sun To The Rescue

Phewey on the Toronto Star! I must admit I ‘know’ the editorial page editor of the Toronto Sun, though I had nothing to do with his column today¬†defending the Danforth…

By Rob Granatstein

The overreacting Torontonians do — especially in the media — sometimes borders on the ridiculous. (I know we’re sometimes part of it at the Sun.)

The latest infuriating article ran in the Toronto Star this past Saturday on the decline of the Danforth. And, yes, I’ll declare my bias. That’s my neighbourhood the Star butchered.

But the story made no sense. A shooting at Pape and Danforth means the stretch of Danforth east of Coxwell has gone in the crapper. Huh?

On the same day, the Globe ran a Saturday special on “Just how sketchy is the Annex?”

Yesterday a meth lab was uncovered in the ritzy Avenue Rd./Lawrence Ave. area.

Guess we all better move to Kalamazoo.

The hysteria is a little rich. Yes, there is crime, prostitution and graffiti in Toronto. Extra police has meant more arrests in my area. No, we don’t like crime. But we live in a big city.

Break-ins and graffiti are a problem where I live. Still, look at my neighbourhood. Semi-detatched houses are fetching $500,000, parents are pushing kiddies in $1,000 strollers, real estate geeks say we’re “hot.”

The fantastic Danforth East Community Association (again, bias alert, I happen to “know” the chair) launched a farmers’ market two years ago that quickly became one of the best in the city and brought neighbours together.

Top chefs like Joanne Clayton at Relish and Arul Chettiar and Melanie Ferreira at Melanie’s Bistro, have opened great restaurants between Coxwell and Main.

The community group, it should be noted, didn’t launch in opposition to anything. It formed to improve the Danforth, and is doing that, helping revitalize four stores already.

There are trouble spots, like anywhere else, but far from being in decline, much of the area the Star attacked is actually on the upswing.

“Yes, it’s transforming — for the better,” said Coun. Janet Davis.

Going at the story without a pre-ordained, dictated angle would have uncovered just that.




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  1. I agree. Yes we do have a wonderful neighbourhood. Things are looking up! Now if you could close down Happy Dayz, “your finest waterpipe store” things would even be better. This store used to be a skateboard shop. Now when the kids go to find this store they find a head shop instead!

  2. I agree as well. What a cute and amazing area we have. I actually think it is more like a nice little secret. What about that great bulk food health store that opened up between Coxwell and Woodbine, and the new Hardware store as well? And the Hole -if it does transform into some fancy condo’s will only bring more progress to the strip. Yes there are rough bits, but there are gems and I do think it’s time has arrived. Look at Leslieville 5 years ago.

  3. And its strange the star seemed to have it out for a stretch slightly east of Coxwell not that long ago
    The stretch they talk about in this article hase been under constant improvement with new condos going up, a partial restoration of the Roxy theater facade, a 4 million dollar reno of the madina mosque and a Reeves Garden center in the works. Now since they can’t let the Danforth get away with improvement, they decide to pick on the area east of Coxwell.

  4. I am gonna be a target on this one, but let me tell you one of the problems we have with building our commercial centre on the Danforth. I went into a Danforth store on Saturday expressedly to support this store. I had the opportunity to go to the Loblaws on Lakshore, but passe it by in favour of this store. I had one item I wanted to buy. One. My girlfriend waited in the car because there was no parking. There were four people in line. The cashier had to serve one of them (cutting coldcuts, spooning salads, etc.) before she could start ringing in the rest of us. It quickly became clear it would be AT LEAST 30 minutes before I would be served. I absolutely did not have 30 minutes to purchase one item. I had to put the item down and leave.

    Yes, we need to support the Danforth but the Danforth merchants need to meet out needs. It is not unreasonable to need quick service.

    I realize this is a chicken and egg thing. The more we support the merchants, the more likely they are to hire the staff to support us. Without our support, they can’t hire the staff, so we put up with poor service or leave, which means they can’t hire more staff to support us. All I want to make clear is that we can’t be champions of the stores we are supposed to use if they don’t realize their responsibility to be good stores that meet key needs.

    Okay, let the fur fly…

  5. Rob Koci –

    I know where you went. Green sign. South side. West of Main. Across from the KFC. STORE MANAGER ARE YOU LISTENING? The lineups in the major grocery chain are un-acceptable.

    Other than that though, there is no question that this area is on a major upswing – the amont of renovations alone…

  6. I know there are some new condo developments being planned for the area. Anyone have any information on what and where?

  7. which is probably much more exciting for these kids and will make there days to come much more happy

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