They want to hear from YOU!

Yes, you.  Your opinion matters – really.

The first group that wants your opinion is the Earl Beatty School Advisory Council.  There is a spot on the council for a Community Member – such as a DECA member.  As a member you would be eligible to vote on issues at that arise at school council meetings.  This is a reflection of a strong commitment to a community-based school.  If you’re interested you can e-mail principal, Steve Travers at  The election is THIS THURSDAY so if you’re thinking about it you should send Steve a note with a very brief (a few sentences) description of yourself.  And if you do, let me know – would ya?

The second group that wants to hear from you?  The Fuzz.

The Toronto Police are asking for community input via online polling.  According to a news release today, Toronto Police will be posing an online question every three weeks and publishing the results on the website. 

This is the first one…
What would you consider to be a satisfactory time for police to respond in Toronto to a call for a break-and-enter, a minor assault, a major assault, a robbery, any violent crime in progress, any crime in progress, the sound of gunshots, a suspicious person or car in your neighbourhood, a noisy party?

The TPS is encouraging the people of Toronto to visit the “Have your say” section on the TPS website, and provide the Service with their opinions.

Personally, I’m a bit puzzled by this.  If people say the cops should arrive in under five minutes to a noisy party, will they change their policies to make that happen?  Shouldn’t they be trying to get somewhere as soon as possible all the time – whatever as soon as possible is at that particular moment?

Enough editorializing by me. 

Speak up.  People want to hear from us.

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