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Be Aware

There have been several break-ins in the area lately – particularly on Amroth, Keystone and Cedarvale – though I’ve heard of some up on Springdale as well.  Remember to close your windows at night as thieves have been cutting screens on open windows on main floors.

Danforth East Arts Fair

Don’t forget the Danforth East Arts Fair next Sunday at East Lynn Park.  Our small but incredibly dedicated DECA team has been working since November to pull this amazing event together and it is fabulous.

Are you on facebook?  So is the Arts Fair.  You can join the Danforth East Arts Fair facebook group and then use it to invite all your buddies!  You can also see some pictures of the items that will be up for sale….like these.


Nerd that I am, I’ve subscribed to the newsletter and podcasts from the Tamarack Institute For Community Engagement.  I listened to one last week called Community and the Economics of Happiness. Essentially it laid out the research explaining the value, in terms of happiness, well-being and health, for simply getting to know your neighbours and being engaged with your community.  The bottom line?  Meeting your neighbours and getting involved in your community (be it the school, the church, the resident’s association etc) is very good for you health and very good for your sense of happiness.


Home Energy Audit Workshop

DIYers Mr. Slow (Bruce Pausey) & Mr. Meticulous (Jim McMahon) regaled a crowd of 30 spellbound victims – oops – I mean people with tales of their own experiences with Eco Energy Audits!  The duo shared tips on saving money, staying warm and helping save the planet.  Some signed up for energy audits the very next day with Windfall Ecology.  If you missed this terrific – and comical – event, stay tuned for another one coming soon.

Hats Off…

…to the tree team at St. Brigid’s school.  In time for this school year’s start they’ve got a a whole grove of trees planted in the front and back of what had been a concrete jungle.

The Yoga of Cooking?

Rhondda sent me a note this week to mention a workshop she’s running on Sunday, September 20th from 1:30 – 4:00 at 10 King Edward Ave (near Woodbine and Danforth).  Discussion will include why what we eat matters, the energetic quality of food and how to develop mindfulness in cooking and eating.  You’re asked to bring one or two vegetarian ingredients of your choice for a group creation.  No experience necessary.  Check out for more info.

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  1. I learned a lot at the home energy audit workshop and the presentations were indeed hilarious. Definitely recommend going to the next one. Thank you, organizers and participants, for providing the workshop for us.

  2. The Home Energy Audit session was very informative. Most of us have heard about them but listening to a couple of case studies complete with dollars spent, amount refunded from the government and potential long term savings was most useful. And good on the organizers for bringing in one of the only two not for profit outfits in Ontario who perform these audits. It is important that the advice you receive from your audit not be based on a desire to sell you a product. Windfall is neutral in providing their assessments – you will not be bullied or persuaded into purchasing something you can’t afford. Thanks so much for sharing this important information. We all need to work towards reducing our footprint and there are a lot of incentives out there right now to do it. Who knows if the rebates will be available in the future. Great presentation from Windfall – really thorough and there was a wealth of helpful information. Thanks all!

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