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First – The East Lynn Park skating rink is now open! Embrace the winter. Take your sled and skates to the park.  It will make your hot chocolate or hot toddy taste that much sweeter.  I digress.  The rink is 100 per cent made and maintained by community volunteers.  (Currently a crew of two.)  One thing that is really helpful is if people can help shovel after a snowfall.  Community hours for high school students can be arranged.  If you would like to sign up for a shift with the shovel, contact Beth Binnington at  Thanks to Beth!

Second – Do you remember way back in 2009 when DECA held it’s first and totally successful cocktail party?  Do you remember the awesome poster?  I wanted to tell you that it was designed by DECA member and volunteer, Aron Harris.  This isn’t the first thing Aron has designed for us, but it was the coolest.  Logo design is his first love but he also has open arms for just about any kind of print job be it a simple invitation to a special event or a full-blown corporate identity package. And, he offers special rates to DECA members. Aron can be reached at Samples of his work can be seen at
Thanks Aron.

Third – 2010 is the year I get a home energy audit. Do you have recommendations to share with me and your DECA neighoburs?  Post them on the blog or e-mail me and share the love. Thanks all.

P.S.. check out the Earl Haig lunch program, recently featured on the TDSB website.

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  1. Regarding your energy audit: have it done by an accredited entity that is independent of a vendor — heating, air conditioning, water heating, insulating, home improvement, etc. It will probably cost you money — often the audits are ‘free’ as a loss leader for down the road sales and services — so that you will be relatively secure in the knowledge that the audit results are just that results and not a recipe or shopping list for equipment and home modifications that you may not need.

  2. East Toronto Climate Action Group (ETCAG), DECA, and Windfall Ecology Centre ran a Home Energy Audit Workshop at the Danforth Mennonite Church the 1st week of September this year.

    30 people came out to find out about audits and to hear 2 case studies by neighbours who had completed their energy audits and done much of the work themselves.
    Their names are Mr. Slow and Mr. Meticulous and their factual and funny power point presentations were the highlight of the night.

    Several people signed up for audits with Windfall Ecology Centre that night but we also gave out a list of several other Energy Audit companies to choose from which I will post on the blog.

    We are more than happy to run another workshop if there is interest.

    In the meantime, stay tuned for a poster from ETCAG in Home Hardware’s window listing 7 easy weekend projects to save you money and energy!

  3. Hi:
    Just a comment about the East Lynn Park ice rink. I live no more than a block away from East Lynn Park. I have skated on it infrequently for the last 5 years without knowing who was responsible for the rink, but I always bring my pusher shovel and consider cleaning the ice while skating to be a great form of exercise.
    Just a hint to shovellers to keep the rink going as long as possible – clean all of it, not just a small patch you are willing to skate on because snow left on the ice melts, forms an immovable ice mountain and then the rink is finished!
    My two granddaughters and their dad and I skated on this ice rink several times last winter. It was the girls first skating experience and they love it.

  4. Posted on behalf of Andria…

    We have had Cedric D’Sa from Amerispec in for an eco audit once and were very pleased with how quickly and respectfully he completed the audit. There was a question or two with how some aspects of ours would be received and he went out of his way to clear things up with the whoever makes those decisions.
    Shortly after closing the Audit we ran into a situation where we needed to renovate and thus under the new option of reopening audits went directly to Cedric.
    He is very kind, personable and thorough and I would recommend him to anyone.

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