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We were following the closing of school pools issue around these parts several months ago.  School Trustee, Cathy Dandy, was very involved in organizing families to protest the closure of school pools.  DECA wrote to provincial cabinet ministers about the importance of school pools to our community.  In our formal boundaries, we just have one – Earl Beatty – but there are others in the neighbourhood. Cathy Dandy sent out an update today about the work that David Crombie and his team have been doing to try and find a long-term solution to this perennial problem. 

The Toronto Lands Corporation, charged with investigating sustainable funding solutions for the 39 TDSB pools threatened with closure, has released its preliminary findings.  

Three Ward 15 pools are in the category of pools at the greatest risk of closure: the pools at Earl Grey, Queen Alexandra and Danforth C &TI.  By giving information to the TLC on potential community use of these pools, you can help make a case for keeping these pools open. 


There are notes, Qs & As and a memo that I am happy to forward to you if you want to know more.  (I don’t think I can attach PDFs to a blog post.)  Earl Beatty isn’t mentioned in these documents.  Or you can contact Cathy Dandy directly at  She wants to hear from you if you are able to help gather information or have information that you think might be useful. 

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