Plank Road Party

As you know our Business Revitalization Team took on the Plank Road Market as it’s first project. It was a guinea pig of sorts to see how this idea that had been bumping around DECA for several months would play out in the real world. It’s been a big success – in terms of how it’s helped this particular business and how the BRT has been able to help other businesses on the strip.

To celebrate our first success, DECA is throwing a grand opening bash at the Plank Road Market and we could use a little help. We need about three people to post flyers around the neighbourhood in advance of the party and two people at the event to help set up, serve food etc. One of our team, Sarah, is a professional public relations guru and she’s planning a fabulous bash. If you are interested in being part of it, send me a note.

And hey – thanks!


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