Notes on safety and green movies

Notes from the November meeting of the 55 Division Community Police Liaison Committee:

  • You are encouraged to submit traffic or parking issues to the traffic division of Toronto Police. ¬†They want to hear about traffic initiatives from you.
  • As there have been a number of car break-ins lately, remember to remove all valuables (like Christmas presents!).
  • If you suspect child abuse – report it.
  • Be careful of door-to-door fundraising scams – a woman was arrested last week for unlawfully soliciting funds for Canadian Diabetes.
  • RIDE begins November 26 – January 1.
  • If you see drunken behaviour outside a restaurant or you suspect a drunk driver – report it!
  • If you would like to receive recorded messages about incidences in your neighbourhood, sign up at


This Saturday’s green movie – Earth 2100 – about peak oil – has been rescheduled to November 21st 7-9 p.m. at 2480 Gerrard St. E. ¬†Contact Mary Margaret McMahon for more info at

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