Notes from 55 Division Community Police Liason Committee

Here’s a long-ish post from Sarah, our gal on the Community Police Liason Committee with 55 Division (south of Danforth).  If you’re interested in getting involved in the liason committee for 54 division (north of Danforth), let us know.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

55 Division

What is CPLC?

Community Police Liaison Committees (CPLC) are made up of community volunteers and police service representatives from the local division’s geographic area. 55 Division spans from the DVP to Vic Park and from the waterfront to the Danforth. Each committee is inclusive to reflect the demographics of the local community.

Their mandate is: To work together in identifying, prioritizing, and problem-solving of local policing issues by being proactive in community relations, crime prevention, education, mobilization, and communications initiatives, and acting as a resource to the police and the community.

We meet once a month and I’ll be passing on what I learn from the officers and other community volunteers. Next time I’ll mention what groups are represented on CPLC.

What I learned at Wednesday’s meeting:

SNOWBANKS: Kim Janes (Parking Control) and Sgt. Whalen (Traffic) and the Ministry of Transportation are working together on snow issues in the Division. Car owners will be asked to move their cars when a street will be cleaned of snowbanks. Cars left behind will hopefully get a friendly tow a street or two away. Abandoned cars will be tagged and towed to the Cherry Beach lot by Downtown Towing. This company has been in the business and in the neighbourhood for years and would be honoured to help with any towing related needs.


Did you know: a parking permit means you can park for 7 consecutive days only.


TURN THE KEY: S/Sgt Tracy advised members to get the word out to their community to lock their doors and make sure their keys are not left in the door.  All recent break and enters in the Beaches were the result of homeowners neglecting to secure their homes.


Did you know: PC Rob McDonald (Crime Prevention) will conduct a home safety inspection if you call him?


TRUSTING SENIORS: PC Vince Henderson (Community Relations) warned of a new senior fraud where someone speaking their native tongue says they’re a long lost relative and they need money to get by. Last month’s scam was a letter about a lottery winning but the winner had to send a small fee to collect their prize.

CALL THEM: Although crime is very low in this community, the police want your information. Call PC Bill Boag (Neighbourhood Resource Officer) about vacant houses, houses where drug activity is suspected, liquor license infractions, any bi-law infractions.

POLICE WEEK COMMUNITY BBQ is on WEDNESDAY MAY 20TH!! in Woodbine Park, with fun for the whole family! My guys loved the motorcycles, horses, radar gun ball throw, hockey shots and winning prizes in the raffle.


What Officers did in 2008

Besides the incredible day to day work, (including arresting the Beaches burglers and shutting down spas) the police in the Division have also run campaigns like RIDE (there were fewer inpaired arrests in our area this year), Operation Be Seen (educating pedestrians), and targeting speeders (in school zones and elsewhere).


And then there’s the extra curricular. Just some community events that the police officers at 55 Division have been involved in (often in their spare time) over the year include:


-Running the Police Week Community BBQ in Woodbine Park (even in the rain) – this year’s is booked for Wed May 20 – it’s a pay what you can event with bouncy castles, horses, police vehicles, games, music and much more. Please plan to attend or volunteer!

-Participated in our own Neighbour’s Night Out in East Lynn Park, the Taste of the Danforth, and Taste of South Asia

-collecting and delivering presents for Toys for Tots with Canadian Tire and the Boy Scout Toy Drive.

-Providing calendars to seniors, delivered personally.

-Attending Seniors Movie Day in the Beach (thanks to Beaches Rotary and St. Aiden’s)

-Providing Youth Scholarship Fund for students, also thanks to generous donations from The Beaches Lion’s Club, Beaches Rotary and Beaches Jazz.

-Attending the CPAT Bowling Fundraiser – a charity with limited funds from the city, who needs community support to run their fantastic programs like neighbourhood ewatch

-Attending community walkabouts, Neighbourhood Watch meetings, Town Hall meetings,

-Educating community members on hot topics like graffiti, and crimes against seniors.

-Providing home safety inspections for local residents (call the Crime Prevention Officer) and producing a new home safety check list flyer to help the community in home safety.

-worked closely with Woodgreen in many capacities.


Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to the fantastic officers at 55 Division.


Focus for 2009:

Superintendent Wayne Peden advised that for 55 Division the 2009 priority would be property crime, including home/car break ins and vandalism.


Gemma Broderick says CPAT’s priority for 2009 is to strengthen the Neighbourhood Watch Program.


Councillor Bussin’s office would like to focus on graffiti in the community.


Superintendent Wayne Peden wishes the community and the CPLC well in 2009.      

We wish him well in his retirement later this year.



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