Neighbours Night Out

Last Thursday was Neighbours Night Out at East Lynn Park. Thanks to everyone who organized it! Those of us troopers who weren’t scared away by the drizzle had a great time. The police were there using their radar guns for good instead of evil by measuring how fast you could throw a ball into a net. There was a kids art table and face painting. There were some yummy snacks and some of us with young children also enjoyed looking at the excavators parked across the street.

Singer, songwriter, Jacob Moon was terrific. As I sat on the grass and looked around I thought – how incredible is this? It turned out to be a lovely evening, as I sat with my neighbours listening to live music and munching on my farmers’ market peas. Behind us a group of teenagers played frisbee. Those kids who weren’t dancing and singing along to the music were playing in the playground. This is the kind of community, people dream about living in.

But before the clouds cleared, we had a ribbon cutting to officially open the East Lynn Farmers’ Market. It would have to rain on our little parade wouldn’t it? Local officials and representatives from Farmers’ Market Ontario joined the head of DECA’s Farmers’ Market committee, Alison McMurray, to officially cut the ribbon.

If you’re at the market and you see a woman in a green ‘farmelicious femmes’ t-shirt – do me a favour would you? Say thank you to that woman. There are five farmelicious femmes and they’ve been working really hard for many months to put this thing on. They deserve all of our thanks.

P.S. I have some pictures but I can’t seem to get them to load on to the blog today.  It would have to rain on my little parade, wouldn’t it?  I’ll try again later.
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  1. Hey there! I’m very excited to find this blog — I’ve been in this area for 3 years and love the feeling I get here — I love that you have events for this area — thanks!

    Stephanie Fazio

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