My Name Is Earl

Actually, my name is Natasha.  You get the reference to the one-hit-wonder tv show from a few years ago right?  

I chose that particular headline to draw your attention to two very cool things that I’ve spotted on the Earl Beatty Community Blog tonight. 
The first is Honest Earl’s Bargain Basement Sale – Saturday, October 18th – 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  You’ll find gently used clothing and sporting equipment at unbelievably low prices with all proceeds going toward schoolyard greening.  Earl Beatty is at 55 Woodington Avenue, two blocks north of Danforth, one block east of Coxwell.  Now, if you have things to donate to the sale such as halloween costumes, children’s fall and winter clothing and footwear (infant to size 16) and/or sports attire or equipment then you’re in luck.  Items in GOOD condition are being accepted at 530 Milverton, 46 Glebemount and 239 Wolverleigh.  You can just drop the bag on the porch with a note that says it’s for the Earl Beatty sale.   
How great is that?  You giveth and you taketh away.
The second neato thing I noticed on the blog is the Earl’s Green Walk.   This 3 km walk includes a map, directions and interesting points of interest along the way – all having to do with being green.  For example, ” As you walk past 35 Woodington, look at the steps and walkway, what recycled material has been used there?  Answer: rubber.”  
Someone has obviously put a whole lot of work into this little tour of the neighbourhood and it’s full of interesting bits of information about the places we walk by every day.  Check it out.  
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  1. Hey, thanks, Natasha, for pointing out those two great events! The Honest Earls Sale raised over $2000 for schoolyard greening..



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