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A number of people have sent in their water results after the earlier post on lead in the water.  Thank you for sharing.  People have also asked for more information about the process.
I exchanged a few e-mails with Councillor Janet Davis’ office and this is what I was told:

Should a home be serviced by lead pipes, the City will replace

them from the watermain up to the property line at no charge, through

the Water Service Repair Program; more information on the program is

available at

The resident would be responsible for replacing any lead pipes from the

property line and into the home. Homeowners can hire the City contractor to

do the private portion of the property at the same time that the public

portion of the property is completed, or homeowners can hire their own

licensed plumber/contractor. 

If the results are over 10, then the property is

deemed a priority and is put on the priority list. Under 10 and the lead

levels are considered within acceptable levels and the property is

placed on the standard waiting list. If you are concerned while waiting

for the test results, or while waiting for the pipes to be changed,

Toronto recommends flushing the system prior to using water for

drinking/consumption (for example, have a shower in the morning, prior

to pouring yourself a glass of water). 

But how long is the wait list?

Councillor Davis’ office tells me that the priority wait list (over 10) is a few months and the wait list for those under 10 is more like 1-2 years. 

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  1. are you sure that program is still in effect? i was under the impression it was being overhauled and would be replaced (the link no longer provides information about the replacement process). we had planned to apply for it but when we went to apply there was no more information about it. :\

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