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I’ve been meaning to put this out on the blog for ages and it’s about time I finally remembered to do it.

I got a note a while back from the ladies running the new business at on the northeast corner of Woodmount and Danforth, across from East Lynn Park.  Impressions, The Dental Hygiene Spa is a more relaxed and comfortable environment where people get their teeth cleaned.  

 As of September 2007 dental hygienists are able to work for themselves, without the order of a dentist. The owner wanted to open her own dental hygiene office for a very long time  and she jumped on it as soon as the law passed. 


They tell me the prices are typically 10-30% less than dentists and they offer many complimentary spa services with each visit. They are proud to be the first of its kind in Toronto

This is from the website,

Our spa environment goes beyond the warm and cozy décor to include complimentary spa services aimed at helping you relax and truly enjoy your experience.  Oral care should be easy and comfortable and we at Impressions, The Dental Hygiene Spa are introducing a new and revolutionary way to a healthier mouth by tending to you as a whole person, not just a mouth.  We happily provide dental hygiene care for the whole family.

We are excited to introduce our Products Boutique located within the spa.  We offer a wide range of electric toothbrushes and replacement heads, fluoride rinses, oral care aids, sugar free candy, and a variety of BreathRx products for purchase at your convenience. 


I for one am going to at least check it out.  Enjoying getting your teeth cleaned?  It’s so crazy – it just might work.

Impressions, The Dental Hygiene Spa

A revolutionary experience in oral health care.


1956 Danforth Avenue

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