Introducing the Humans of Danforth East

Hi everyone,

I’m Lainie.  I live in the Danforth East neighbourhood with my husband, Eric and our three little ones, Tate, Thatcher, and Charlie.  We moved here a year and a half ago. There was something about the area that felt more like us.  We both grew up in small towns and wanted to raise our kids in a place that had a sense of community.  We found it.

Growing up with parents who volunteered regularly, I wanted to do the same.  I love to write so I decided to volunteer by blogging with DECA Diaries.  I liked the idea of letting others know what was happening in the neighbourhood to help bring people together.

Inspired by the idea of Humans of New York, I’ve decided to begin writing a weekly feature called Humans of Danforth East.  My hope is that this will be a fun post where I will introduce you to a local business owner.  Although DECA is a residents’ association, it has always felt that supporting a thriving retail strip is part of their mandate.

Humans of Danforth East will be a here’s the face and story behind the business.  We’ll learn about how they got started, what they love, and why they’re a great person you need to meet.   I think it would be cool to walk down our streets and know each owner by name.

If you’re a local business owner reading this, I’d love to meet you!  Please send me an email so we can connect ( This week I hung out with Kari from The Pop Stand (her story is coming soon!)

We have great businesses (and humans!) in our community and my hope is that I’ll be able to write about you all.

I hope you enjoy what I write,

Lainie Holmes

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  1. Sounds really good!! Thanks for helping us to get to know more about the people who are the owners of the business in our neighbourhood :) Gracias!!

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