Important! Art of the Danforth Needs Your Help


If you live in Danforth East (East York), Art of the Danforth needs your help!

The Toronto Arts Council declined our grant to create art pieces for the community-generated portion of the event.  These pieces were intended to be developed with community members under the guidance of professional artists. They declined because they didn’t think anyone from Danforth East would participate in the community workshops. Help me prove them wrong!

On Wednesday (Nov 4th), I will be appeal their decision.
You can help prove our community’s case for funding by letting us know if you:

a) support the project

b) intend to participate in an Art of the Danforth workshop

c) intend to submit your own artistic project to the event

lease e-mail Cindy ASAP at detailing the way you would like to participate.
Also, if you know anyone who lives in the east Danforth area who might enjoy attending our workshops, meeting people, swapping stories and making some cool art pieces, please forward them this information. Thank you for your help!

The following community workshops will be open to the public.  In them, we’ll be sharing ideas and stories about this neighbourhood and thinking of fun ways we could improve it with art!

Photography night– Calling all shutterbugs!
Monday  Nov 9th, 6:30 – 8 pm

General Participation

0 comments to “Important! Art of the Danforth Needs Your Help”
  1. Hi Cindy!

    I had a couple questions about your article.

    Is it just Artists you need to fill out the information for the Toronto Arts Council??

    Also – where is the Photography Workshop?

    Thanks for this exciting project for our awesome area!

  2. Hello Cindy,
    I’m also interested in the photography workshop; please let me know where it’s happening. And I’m interested in participating as an artist in the show; thanks for letting me know the details. Olwyn Lewis

  3. Thank you SO much for your support!

    It’s actually community members that the TAC is concerned about – be they artists or not. We applied for a “Artists in the Community” grant – we have artists, but the jury was worried that no one from the community would come out to participate.

    The Photography workshop:
    Monday November 9th, 6:30 – 8 pm
    Community Care East York, 840 Coxwell Avenue
    This session will be led by Art Director & photographer Shireen Nadir who coordinate a photo project with local shutterbugs.

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