I have some good news and some bad news

First the bad news…but keep reading ’till the end cuz there’s good news too.

1. I understand there was another break-in on Milverton at Monarch Park. It happened in broad daylight, through a front door. The owners aren’t sure if anything was taken yet – but are doing inventory. It was basically a smash and grab.

2. We, too, were robbed this week. Somebody broke into our truck. Seems there are more of these things happening lately. What we know from Toronto Police that if you are a victim of any sort of crime then you should absolutely report it – even if it’s something small. Also, keep an eye out for strange behaviour or for cars parked in places where they shouldn’t be. On our summer walk-abouts with police they reiterated to us that the best way to keep our neighbourhood safe is to know your neighbours, keep on a porch light at night and report absolutely anything and everything to police.

54 Division – 416-808-5400 – North of Danforth

55 Division – Phone: 416-808-5500 – South of Danforth

3. Councillor Bussin’s Lead Pipe Replacement

Sandra Bussin invites you to an Open House to learn about the City of Toronto Lead Pipe Replacement and Testing Program. This is of interest to residents who live in homes built before 1955.

When: Wednesday, May 6, 2009 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Where: Adam Beck Community Recreation Centre, 79 Lawlor Avenue

And now, the good news!

4. Sarah is one of our fabulous Business Revitalization Team members. She organized the grand opening at Plank Road Market on Sunday – a huge success. She has started up her own blog – East End Pioneer. Sarah’s on maternity leave so she spends a lot of time walking and that makes for a whole lot of great local blog fodder. (It’s also how DECA got started but that’s another story). In any case, Sarah has spotted a new Espresso bar at 1832 Danforth at Glebemount and a new spinning studio just west of Coxwell at 1506 Danforth. Two fewer empty storefronts – hoooray!

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  1. Does anyone have any info on the ‘Lead Pipes’ meeting with Sandra Bussin. Is there anything that I should be doing re the pipes in my home. Any info will be much appreciated.

  2. You bet. We wrote about lead in this blog a fair bit back in the fall.

    Here’s one of the posts that you might find helpful.

    A number of people have sent in their water results after the earlier post on lead in the water. Thank you for sharing. People have also asked for more information about the process.

    I exchanged a few e-mails with Councillor Janet Davis’ office and this is what I was told:

    Should a home be serviced by lead pipes, the City will replace
    them from the watermain up to the property line at no charge, through the Water Service Repair Program; more information on the program is available at


    The resident would be responsible for replacing any lead pipes from the property line and into the home. Homeowners can hire the City contractor to do the private portion of the property at the same time that the public portion of the property is completed, or homeowners can hire their own
    licensed plumber/contractor.

    If the results are over 10, then the property is deemed a priority and is put on the priority list. Under 10 and the lead
    levels are considered within acceptable levels and the property is placed on the standard waiting list. If you are concerned while waiting for the test results, or while waiting for the pipes to be changed, Toronto recommends flushing the system prior to using water for drinking/consumption (for example, have a shower in the morning, prior to pouring yourself a glass of water).

    But how long is the wait list?

    Councillor Davis’ office tells me that the priority wait list (over 10) is a few months and the wait list for those under 10 is more like 1-2 years.

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