Hooray For A TTC That Actually Runs

I, for one, will sleep better knowing the TTC will be ferrying me to work tomorrow morning.

And if you need something to read while you’re riding the grubway, here are a few neighbourhood stories from this (and last) weekend’s papers.

First, from Saturday’s Globe and Mail, an update on the Esso station at Danforth and Greenwood.

Then, my wonderful neighbours were kind of enough to cut out this story from last week’s Toronto Star about architecture on the eastern Danforth.

Happy riding.

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  1. do you have a copy of this article? its no longer online and I am very curious as to the intended fate of this theater, as I have not seen any progress being made on it in the past couple months.

  2. Sorry – I don’t have a copy. I think I recall from the story that they weren’t in a big hurry to do it.

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