Frisky Cats and Swimming Pools

A few things to mention on this sunny Sunday morning.

1. SAVE OUR TDSB POOLS RALLY at QUEEN’S PARK – MAY 1st 4:15 – 6:15 pm

There will be a rally to save the school pools organized by parents from across the city. They’re calling it for 4:15 to allow for the participation of parents and children after school. Organizers are anticipating a large turnout and are inviting everyone to attend. It’s at Queen’s Park, which is easy to get to when the subway is running.

2. I have to admit that this is not something that I have ever given much thought to, but Barbara Neyedly has – feral cats.
Yes, you read that correctly. She wants to organize a community drive to neuter the many cats that live in and around our backyards. A group called Toronto Cat Rescue is ready to help with training and low-cost neutering. Nobody wants unwanted kittens so if you want to help, contact Barbara at She’s looking for people who might be able to help with neutering costs, transportation to and from the vet and placements for those cats that can be domesticated.

I’ll be out in front of my house on Wolverleigh Blvd. today trying to clean up my front garden and likely over at East Lynn in the sandbox. See you around.


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