Extreme Makeover – Danforth Edition!

Universal Diapers

As we’ve mentioned in past newsletters, the DECA Business

Revitalization Team has been working hard since January to clean up

some of the businesses along Danforth. What we affectionately call the

Facelift team has cleaned, swept, painted, nailed, peeled and done

just about a million other things that needed to be done on what is

now adding up to four storefronts.

The most recent facelift was done on a store that many of you have

possibly passed by without a second glance – the Universal Diaper

store at 1987 Danforth. In a neighbourhood undergoing a serious baby

boom, a good baby/kids store is a necessity. What  most people don’t

realize is that inside the Diapers store is a great treasure trove of

Bummies diapers (of course!), very cheap kids clothes, sunhats,

Swimmies, wooden toys and some of the cutest shoes we’ve ever seen.

DECA helped to clean up the store’s interior and rearrange all their

great stuff. You might have also noticed that one of our DECA members

is a professional window display designer and has added some sparkle

to the front window. It looks fantastic and has created an instant

improvement. An added bonus: the cleanup created a new stroller

parking area for moms shopping with their babes!

If you don’t have babies or kids, it’s a great place to shop for gifts

other people’s kids, so check it out and remember: shop local!!