Even more on lead

This, from my pal, James who lives on Springdale…

“We had a test done a year ago now after a neighbour across the street

clocked in at 14 ppb. We tested at 7 ppb, which was still cause for concern,

according to the lab, which said people really shouldn’t be drinking

anything more than 1 ppb. Our son was not quite one and a half at the time,

so we informed our pediatrician, who immediately requested that we have his

blood tested. Fortunately, everything turned out fine.

I have tried to contact the city to follow up on our spot on the wait list,

but cannot even get the woman I was told to contact (Mary: 416-392-7673)return my messages, let alone answer the phone.

Needless to say, we’re a little frustrated. If more people had their water

tested, than perhaps we could apply a little pressure to have this work done

en masse, instead of piecemeal, which is how it is being done now.

I encourage people to get the test done and then urge their neighbours to do

the same.”

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