Designer Meat

O.k. it’s tough to find a clever way to link these two items together and ‘Designer Meat’ was the best thing I could come up with on short notice to keep you reading.

1. My friend Helen has been watching the development of a new ultra modern building on Woodbine with much anticipation. Today she tells me occupant of this building is Johnson Chu, architect, interior, graphic and industrial designer. And because y’all are interested in these sorts of goings on, I thought you would like to know too.

2. Now the meat. Wayne and Laura Jean of Speers Farm were farmers from our market. They are making a trip to Toronto this Friday, April 10 to deliver meat to hungry urbanites. They’ll be at East Lynn Park at 1pm. If you’re interested, contact them at or 519-941-2708. Alternatively you could walk yourself across the street to the Royal Beef and get yourself outfitted there.

That is all.

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