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Danforth East Community Association (DECA) kicks off the new year by introducing its first store makeover in the heart of the neighbourhood.  
Sunday January 4th 2009, 10am.
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The Danforth East Community Association (DECA) kicks off the new year by introducing its first store makeover in the heart of its neighbourhood.  On Sunday Jan. 4th, a volunteer group of local residents including two graphic designers, a professional stager and a market re-brander, will transform Michael’s Meats and Deli inside and out. The team has been planning since October, determined to give the store a new look, a new logo and a new name.  When the work is complete, they’ll unveil “The Plank Road Market” (a reference to “The Don and Danforth Plank Road Company” that built Danforth Avenue back in 1851).  

“Our team of volunteer experts brings immense value to this small business,” said Angela Matich, a business development expert who answered a community notice about joining the team. “We all want to help because a strong local business community means an overall better neighbourhood.”

On the heels of hosting a brand-new and highly successful farmers market, DECA sees store makeovers as next step to improving the area.  “It’s unusual for residents to do store makeovers. But improving the commercial strip of the Danforth is a major concern for most of our members,” said Natasha Granatstein, DECA chair. “We want this to be a vibrant, walking community and our members are prepared to lend their incredible expertise and hard work to make it happen.”  

While the team brings its expertise, tools and muscle, The Plank Road Market’s new owners, Roger Wang and Julie Liao, are footing the bill for paint, tables, signage and lighting, among other things. DECA approached Roger and Julie about the makeover because they are community members with an eagerness to improve the neighbourhood.

“(This store) is a diamond in the rough,” says Ellen Long, DECA executive member. “It’s well-known by older, Italian shoppers who come from miles around for Sicilian pestos, Italian cheeses, giant capers and artisanal whole-wheat pastas. It just needed some help showing itself off more.” 

Makeover team members will begin painting the store Sunday, January 4th, starting at 10 a.m.

DECA is two year-old community association, representing Danforth residents living between Coxwell and Main Avenues.  To learn more about DECA or sign up for the community blog, visit  

Ellen Long, DECA board member
H: 416 699-2571 cell: 416-579-2544    

Roger Wang, The Plank Road Market owner
Tel: 416-463-5474
1810 Danforth Avenue

“If one smashed window can ruin a whole block, imagine what one smashing window could do?”

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