Selected as one of two of this year’s Youth Booth artists, Ajwad is a grade 10 high school student who has been working in photography for 2 years.

“I’ve always been drawn to images. Something about a moment forever frozen that really pulls you into the world of a photo. Hopefully [my photos] make the audience feel some form of fleeting emotion when viewing them. These images all
signify the different feelings that we encounter at times. Each image is a different state of mind, whether it be happiness, melancholy or obscurity. If I have made them feel any sort of emotion, then I would say my work is successful.”

Alex Nirta Photography

I’ve been a photographer for the last 20 years and I enjoy showcasing our beautiful country of Canada. My artwork involves a lot of bright colours as well as long exposures that show the calmness of water and nature that feels like an endless dream. I hope you can enjoy the beauty as I do when I sit behind the camera and capture it.

Culture Snap Photography

I am moved to reveal individual expression and vibrant community life by photographing street scenes, stage performers, and meaningful interactions of all kinds. Peak moments during public events and layered street scenes that hold tension between objects and symbols are what speak to me the most. Whether capturing taxi drivers in Toronto, or schools in Uganda, I hope to reveal something fresh that provides lasting value to those who engage with my images.

Dust On My Boots

I’ve become one of those people who carries a camera at all times, and isn’t afraid to use it. My favourite subjects are buildings, graffiti and sunsets, and I enjoy reworking my photos to see what new framings or renderings will create an entirely new work. My current obsession is handmaking photo transfers on wood blocks, which creates an interesting distressed look to the greyscale prints.

Robert Riley Photography

Its the little things I photograph. It’s not the big picture that gets me, it’s the small bits and pieces that make up the whole that I seem to find. My photography is a mixture of landscape, cityscape and the minutiae of life.