Culture Snap Photography

I capture layered street scenes, and peak moments of life and beauty from around the world, creating photos that stir hearts and minds. I apply select and limited edits to my work, and print on high quality papers and materials, delivering image art that provides lasting value and enjoyment.

Dust On My Boots

I’ve become one of those people who carries a camera at all times, and isn’t afraid to use it. My favourite subjects are buildings, graffiti and sunsets, and I enjoy reworking my photos to see what new framings or renderings will create an entirely new work. My current obsession is handmaking photo transfers on wood blocks, which creates an interesting distressed look to the greyscale prints.

Maria Drazilov

Maria is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work centres around photography. She prints her own work, often times digitally altering her images, because she enjoys the creative process. She experiments with painting and hand colouring her photographs as well as displaying them unconventionally.

Robert Riley Photography

I try to capture the things which are disappearing from our life as well as the small things we all pass by everyday.

Tharanga Ramanayake

A guy with a camera, hitting the streets around the world.


WorkShop Gallery

Julie Walsh paints and photographs her contact with architecture and found objects bringing the unnoticed to life. She focuses her contrasted viewpoint of familiar surroundings captured through a painterly portrayal or tintype lens. Experimental in her mixed media approach, she is pleased to introduce her unique digital imagery on 24kt Gold Leaf.