Painting / Works on Paper

Alice Gong

Alice Gong is a #DECAF19 emerging artist! Alice is a 25-year-old artist who was self-taught until she decided to pursue Fine Arts professionally in 2018. Alice currently makes art simply for the sake of creating; she is still learning about herself and her attitude towards what she decides to bring to life. An important element in Alice’s work is the fine details; she strives to achieve realism in her paintings in order to challenge her technical skills.

Christine Walker Art

Christine Walker’s recent artwork explores the experiences of migratory songbirds in urban environments through painting. The more controlled Acrylic paint against the organic nature of the watercolour paint is similar to the contrast between the built and natural environments. The colours used reference the ability of birds to see ultraviolet light, and to have access to a multitude of colours that we, as humans, cannot experience.

Dave Rheaume Artist

Dave Rheaume is a self-taught Toronto-based artist of Metis heritage. Since 1985 he has worked as a television director and editor, but from an early age he had a passion for art. His film-making background shows through in his paintings, with their sense of story, composition and lighting. Several of Dave’s paintings have sold to private collectors in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Karin McLean

I am a self-taught and began painting seven years ago after being inspired by what I saw in the neighbourhood while walking my dog. I am obsessed by our urban landscape, especially old buildings that have seen the passage of time and are rapidly disappearing. Art allows me to see beauty everywhere.

Morgan Wolfe Grant

Morgan started studying painting and drawing as a child, but took some time off to focus on music. She has dabbled in acrylic, oil, encaustic, and photography, but has most recently been focusing on watercolour. She’s obsessed with painting flora and fauna, including the occasional human.


Nathan Nun’s artistic focus is fusing anthropomorphic animal characters with historical and fantasy settings and styles. The scope of his original and pastiche works ranges from historically influenced medieval portraits to agitprop posters. From a patient attention to detail and the joining of cute subjects and studious styles emerges an arrangement of contrasting themes: strangeness and familiarity, the formal and the ordinary, the serious and the whimsical.

Red9ine Tattoos

Jesse Shearman and Victoria Shearman are the owners of Red9ine, 1974 Danforth Avenue. A custom tattoo shop, art gallery, barbershop, sneaker bell/sell/consignment. Jesse: “I am a self taught artist, primarily a professional tattoo artist by trade with 20+ years experience. My work has been showcased in many tattoo magazines, local art shows and the ROM tattoo exhibit 2016. I enjoy working in other mediums, painting has always been a passion of mine.”

Suyin Wai Artist

Born in Montreal, Quebec but, now lives in Toronto. She trained at George Brown College for Graphic Design. She began painting 2012 to balance out the cubicle culture that permeates our society. Suyin’s art is mostly abstract influenced by many artists from Egon Schiel to Impressionism and everything in between including whimsical illustrations (Ralph Steadman is a favourite). She started with acrylics on wood or canvas but, later found that she prefers to use oil pastels and India ink on chalk paint painted either on paper or wood.

The Art of Mark Rehkopf

My main focus is digital painting and traditional painting with an illustrative nature, often mixed styles and subjects, with a pop art and/or retro feel. Original, entertainment based subjects with movie or comic book themes predominate in my work.

WorkShop Gallery

Julie Walsh paints and photographs her contact with architecture and found objects bringing the unnoticed to life. She focuses her contrasted viewpoint of familiar surroundings captured through a painterly portrayal or tintype lens. Experimental in her mixed media approach, she is pleased to introduce her unique digital imagery on 24kt Gold Leaf.