Nature and respect for the environment has always been important to me. Our products are completely natural and contain skin-nourishing ingredients. All my soaps are cold-pressed in small batches using heirloom techniques perfected and polished with time.

9Senses for Autism
In addition 9Senses makes weighted Blankets that strive to improve the quality of life of young people on the Autistic spectrum. We support Autism Ontario by donating a portion of our sales.

C.M. Duffy Art and Illustration

My work delves into conceptually surreal realms inspired by an observant love of nature and helped by healthy dosages of daydreams. Each piece is an exercise in problem solving with what I have between my ears, my two eyes, two hands and predominantly traditional art materials. My aim whilst creating and for the beheld resultant work is always to immerse myself and the viewer in an enchanting sensory experience of wonder – always wonder above all.

corbin creative: Art Department

Upcycling paper scraps and combining them with illustration, corbin creative creates a series of mixed media art prints and greeting cards—perfect for you or some other lovely, quirky human you might be lucky enough to know.

False Ox

False Ox is dedicated to making unique healthy tasty drinks to be enjoyed by everyone. By looking into the past for inspiration, and using modern flavour profiles, we create unique and refreshing beverages. We make Shrubs and Switchel, historical drinks made with organic apple cider vinegar. Shrubs area concentrate for sodas and cocktails, switchel is a natural electrolyte drink made with ginger!