Multi Media

Maria Drazilov

Maria is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work centres around photography. She prints her own work, often times digitally altering her images, because she enjoys the creative process. She experiments with painting and hand colouring her photographs as well as displaying them unconventionally.

Red9ine Tattoos

Jesse Shearman and Victoria Shearman are the owners of Red9ine, 1974 Danforth Avenue. A custom tattoo shop, art gallery, barbershop, sneaker bell/sell/consignment. Jesse: “I am a self taught artist, primarily a professional tattoo artist by trade with 20+ years experience. My work has been showcased in many tattoo magazines, local art shows and the ROM tattoo exhibit 2016. I enjoy working in other mediums, painting has always been a passion of mine.”

The Art of Mark Rehkopf

My main focus is digital painting and traditional painting with an illustrative nature, often mixed styles and subjects, with a pop art and/or retro feel. Original, entertainment based subjects with movie or comic book themes predominate in my work.