ludviks designs

Elizabete Ludviks designs modern pieces in silver, found objects and 3D printed components. Her work is inspired by our Scandinavian and Baltic roots, creating playful designs that strike a balance between geometric and organic, fragile and strong, precious and ordinary, traditional and modern.

Spoke Jewellery

I was born and grew up in Athens, a place with a deep history in jewellery. I began learning traditional goldsmithing skills early in life and have been doing the job that I love making handmade jewellery for women and men for more than 20 years. My silver, gold, and gemstone creations are inspired from my experience, and the natural and urban landscapes from travels I do every day in different corners of the city and globe.

VC Jewellery

I am the sole maker of my jewellery. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques such as hammering, sawing, soldering and forming with bench tools. Pieces are constructed from sterling silver sheet and wire. I also carve designs into wax. The only commercial parts I use are very fine chains and locks.