All of our pieces begin with a vision. Through a variety of techniques such as annealing, soldering, forming, texturing and polishing my pieces slowly transform from rough wax or metal to the pieces I had envisioned and often taking on a life of their own along the way.

bumblebee jewelry

bumblebee jewelry is designed and created entirely by my own hand, using pliers, cutters, and the occasional hammer.

Brimming with unexpected colours and sass, bumblebee strives to eclipse conventional limits in design and create a sparkly respite in this numbing age of mechanical reproduction.

Flora Lea Jewellery

Leanne Ryan-Jordan of Brooklin Ontario is the maker of Flora Lea Jewellery. She creates handcrafted delicate minimalist jewellery with a bohemian feel, inspired by nature through texture and form. Hand cut and formed from wire and sheet metals in silver, copper, brass and 14k gold filled incorporated with natural gemstones and found beach glass.

Harold & Ollie Designs

At my dining room table, I handcraft each piece in my collection. My pieces are designed to add colour, texture and individuality to your everyday wear. I focus on high quality, locally sourced materials “freshwater peals, sterling silver, semi-precious stones in every colour of the rainbow. I am obsessed with chainmaille techniques and use them to create classic but texturally complex necklaces and bracelets. I love mixing different types of metals to create statement necklaces that match with everything and are equally perfect for a special night out, or to add spice to your everyday uniform.


Juliet Sears

#DECAF19 emerging artist:

Hi! I’m Juliet, I’m a student at Wexford Collegiate School of the Arts, in the Visual Media Arts program.

I really enjoy making clothing and have been doing so for 10 years. As I grew older I developed an interest in jewelry making and design. I started with small charms made from wire and seaglass 2 years ago, and it has developed into more clean cut style and varied designs. I started learning on my own at home, then after venturing into more complicated styles, I have also learned a lot from coworkers and friends. I have been at a few craft sales where I sold my merchandise, and I found even when people did not want to buy anything they were very nice to talk to and it made me happy to be in a place where people want to talk about crafting and making new items.

ludviks designs

Elizabete Ludviks designs modern pieces in silver, found objects and 3D printed components. Her work is inspired by our Scandinavian and Baltic roots, creating playful designs that strike a balance between geometric and organic, fragile and strong, precious and ordinary, traditional and modern.

neon lace jewellery

I’ve always loved making jewellery, ever since I started making friendship bracelets back in grade school. Now, I do wire-wrapped earrings, necklaces and bracelets in brass, copper and silver, using semi-precious stones. I love the look and feel of older, antique pieces balanced by modern, clean lines. Both of these styles influence my jewellery, and this is where the name of my company comes from – neon to represent the modern, and lace to represent the vintage feel.

Spoke Jewellery

I was born and grew up in Athens, a place with a deep history in jewellery. I began learning traditional goldsmithing skills early in life and have been doing the job that I love making handmade jewellery for women and men for more than 20 years. My silver, gold, and gemstone creations are inspired from my experience, and the natural and urban landscapes from travels I do every day in different corners of the city and globe.

VC Jewellery

I am the sole maker of my jewellery. I use traditional goldsmithing techniques such as hammering, sawing, soldering and forming with bench tools. Pieces are constructed from sterling silver sheet and wire. I also carve designs into wax. The only commercial parts I use are very fine chains and locks.