My love for the art of the craft continually drives me to refine my skills and explore the endless possibilities that precious metals provide. My philosophy is to create distinctive pieces that showcase the simple beauty in raw metal and natural gemstones, while adding a modern twist. I am continuously inspired by my everyday surroundings, including nature, architecture and even my toddler.

Bella Grey

Bella Grey grew from a not-so-distant time when my life was filled with uncertain and challenging personal circumstances (the end of a lengthy marriage, breast cancer, and the loss of my full-time job, all within a one year period) and my jewellery is very much symbolic of the joy, positivity, strength and resilience I discovered by allowing my creativity to flow freely and guide me through those experiences. It is these powerful forces that I so enjoy sharing with others through my jewellery.

Breathing Inspiration

nspired the energy of stones and a deep desire to connect others with their intentions, Breathing Inspiration is an ever-growing line of crystal meditation bracelets and accessories that are hand strung in Toronto, Canada.
Made with intention, blessed with Reiki energy, and designed with complimentary stones to ensure balanced energy, the bracelets are a perfect complement to a meditation practice, intention setting, and living mindfully.

Curious Bird Pottery

Curious Bird Pottery features Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Jewelry and Clocks that are functional, beautiful, and made to be used every day! Bowls and mugs are wheel thrown and sometimes altered while trays, clocks and jewelry are hand built lovingly just for you. Contrasting intricate surface textures with clean forms create modern pieces that hint of traditions from the past.


Enarmoured is handcrafted fine art jewellery created by artist Jordan Clarke in Toronto, Ontario. Working with brass, Jordan creates bold, elegant and timeless pieces of small-batch jewellery. Each piece of jewellery, from the initial sketch to completion, is formed lovingly by hand.

Her background in Fine Art informs Jordan’s approach to design. Inspired by art, architecture, nature and the human figure, Jordan’s aesthetic combines simplicity in design with organic, textured surfaces.

Harold & Ollie Designs

What happens when a plain jane, stressed out, black suit wearing lawyer discovers her hidden creativity and her love for making jewelry? Harold & Ollie Designs, est. 2017. 
At my dining room table in Toronto’s Beaches, I handcraft each piece in my collection. I like to add colour, texture and individuality to everyday wear.  I am obsessed with chainmaille and mixing metals to create classic but texturally complex necklaces and bracelets.

I.M. Wyred

I. M. Wyred, a collection of expertly knit wire bracelets, arm cuffs, necklaces and earrings in mixed metals and semi-precious stones. Founded by Irene McRae, the name is a combination of her name’s initials and that all of designs are inspired by wire. Along with knitted jewellery, I. M. Wyred also designs an array of eco conscience necklaces and earrings using tagua seeds, acai seeds, wood and recycled newspaper. Each piece of jewellery is made by hand locally in Toronto.

neon lace jewellery

I’ve always loved making jewellery, ever since I started making friendship bracelets back in grade school. Now, I do wire-wrapped earrings, necklaces and bracelets in brass, copper and silver, using semi-precious stones. I love the look and feel of older, antique pieces balanced by modern, clean lines. Both of these styles influence my jewellery, and this is where the name of my company comes from – neon to represent the modern, and lace to represent the vintage feel.

WHM Designs

I take great pleasure in combining and contrasting the confectionary-like colours of stones, the lustre of pearls, the sparkle of crystal, and different shape elements to fashion jewels that are each truly unique pieces. To keep it new, I continue to expand my technical repertoire, and am always on the hunt for interesting new elements. I pride myself on the quality of materials, sourcing from reputable dealers, and label every piece with the components used.