Mich is Hooked

I have always had a passion for things made by hand. Crochet for me began as a hobby which slowly sparked an obsession as a maker. Each piece that I create is an extension of my love for nature and my passion for creating. As I found my rhythm with my hooks, crocheting became a meditative process for me. You will never find me without a crochet hook in hand.

Sandi Prosser

As a freelance hand-knitting designer with over 750 published designs, I have longed to also create ready-to-wear pieces. At night, people tend to think that they are safer and more visible to drivers than they truly are. Until now, there has not been a lot of choice in reflective wear for design-conscious people. Sized for all ages, my hats and headbands blend the best of two worlds: fun and trendy during the day and safety at night. No longer does safety have to be compromised for fashion.