Glass, Ceramics & Sculpture


Since the age of twenty, I have been a visual and decorative artist, dedicated to the creation of ceramic sculpture and pottery. My creative activity ranges from design to intuitive art. The root for my artistic style is based upon my studies of European and Japanese ancient traditions and cultures. My personal beliefs in these cultures inspire and fulfil my creative stream.

Curious Bird Pottery

Handmade pottery meant to be used every day. It’s just me from the initial glimpse of an idea to formulating glazes and firing the work myself. I am fascinated with texture and use everything from carved wooden adornment to hand carved linoblocks to impress soft clay. I also adore modern design so to rectify these two aesthetics, I often use clean lines and strong forms combined with intricate surface texture or glazes with interesting depth. 

Doug Mighton

I have saved over 3000 lovely old vintage windows from the dumpster. The frames are sourced from all over the province, cleaned up, sanded, and then the glass is hand painted, each with an original design. These pieces can be displayed in a window or hung on a wall as an original work of art. I have been selling in markets and stores in the GTA and Muskoka for years.  I have lived, worked, and raised my family in this part of the city for 30 years.

Janice Moorhead

I have been working as a glass artist for over 34 years. For the most part, my medium is stained glass, but I also incorporate found objects. In 1985 I developed a layering process that eliminated the need for the traditional soldered joint. Shards of glass are sandwiched between two panels of clear glass, one colour juxtaposed directly to the next, creating both intricate landscapes as well as whimsical compositions that capture the nature of light as it evokes a particular season or time of day. 


I was born in Japan, and grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of Ikebana. My work is a unique fusion of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements. I grow many of my own botanicals while the rest are locally sourced. Along with orchids, succulents and air plants, I incorporate found elements such as lichens, moss and branches to create unique terrariums and planters. My orchid Kokedama are based on a Japanese technique of enclosing plants in moss balls which are then showcased in and on my pottery.

North Shore Glass Studio

I work with a kiln to create fused glass pieces, including functional plates, bowls and platters, as well as some sculptural pieces and dichroic jewelry. Each piece is unique. A number of my bowls are also made with recycled glass, which is a win-win for both the buyer and the environment.


Watching birds is one of my favourite pastimes.It dawned on me one day just how bare the trees are without them;Those familiar forms that make me smile and keep me company . The simple silhouettes in the yard I’ve come to love and look for- nature’s silhouettes. TWEETZ was born both from my love and passion for nature, and my penchant of strong, clean design.

Vera Polischuk

Vera Polischuk is a ceramic artist who currently lives in Toronto, Ontario. Her love of ceramics manifests in  a variety of processes. She first got her hands good and muddy in high school at the Central Tech Art Programme as well as Sheridan College Craft and Design Programme and has kept active in learning more through ongoing workshops, classes and guild activities since then. Woodfiring holds a special place in her heart as she loves connecting with nature and enjoys the camaraderie of firing with a community of potters. The energy of the atmospheric firing shows through in all her pieces reflects the energy she fuels her enthusiasm for clay with.