Glass, Ceramics & Sculpture


My work currently focuses on the energy stream of the Universe that penetrate though everything in this world including us. This world of magic and wonder captured my total creative self. This work is very important for me, because the next generation will show the high necessary of understanding the forces surrounding us since humanity is an integral part of the Universe.

Curious Bird Pottery

Curious Bird Pottery features Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Jewelry and Clocks that are functional, beautiful, and made to be used every day! Bowls and mugs are wheel thrown and sometimes altered while trays, clocks and jewelry are hand built lovingly just for you. Contrasting intricate surface textures with clean forms create modern pieces that hint of traditions from the past.


I was born in Japan, and grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of Ikebana, and this has profoundly influenced my design aesthetic over the last twenty-five years. In 2010 I decided to pursue my interest in pottery.
My work is a unique fusion of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements. I grow many of my own botanicals while the rest are locally sourced. Along with orchids, succulents and air plants.

North Shore Glass Studio

My work combines different approaches and glass to create ’emerging patterns’ in pieces, some more geometric in form, others flowing from the glass interactions. Some of my pieces are sculptural, but I emphasize creating glass that is both artistic and functional. All of my pieces are fired in a kiln, some multiple times, depending on the desired outcome.