My name is Chantal and I am a Industrial, and Textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a graduate of Industrial Design at OCADU, and have always loved making things with my hands. CGMonsters is a unique design line of stuffed worry monsters and baby shoes; all handmade, sewn with an eye for detail, colour, and patterned fabric. I want to display my art work in a way that will invite, teach and show children that there is art in everything.

CSP Arts Embroidery

I honour an ancestral French know-how, my creations will be not only fashion but a work of art. I work with singers, artists, designers and I love exhibit my handembroidered collections at events to meet lovers of arts trades. Since a long time this technique of embroidery is one of the method choice by Haute Couture. I wish to share and teach this technique to continue this knowledge through the new artificial intelligence generation.

Kim Ryan Makes

I specialize in creating innovative and wearable designs with both fabric and wool. I use hand-dyed natural materials to create my pieces. By using these processes I aim commemorate the employment of traditional craft-based techniques. My work is primarily concerned with colour, pattern, texture and quality of workmanship. Traditional and contemporary textiles influence my practice. I enjoy creating beautiful and useful items with a function and purpose beyond a merely aesthetic nature.

RoRo Art

My art is about story telling – creating characters, making adventures, exploring imagination!

Sadie’s Stuff

Selected as one of two of this year’s Youth Booth artists, Sadie is a 15 year-old high school student whose work consists of sketching, sewing, knitting, sculpting, and painting. She is inspired by the films and costumes of Guillermo del Toro, the stories of Neil Gaiman, the illustrations of Shaun Tan, and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

“Many people have referred to my work as ‘dolls’, which would imply that they are play things. However, I prefer to think of them as ‘creatures’ as they are often odd and sometimes more dark and/or morbid. My creatures are made of Sculpey (a clay like material), and wire armatures, on which I apply stuffing and hand sewn clothing. Sometimes the method of building the creatures will vary depending on what I want the end result to be. My drawings portray a number of personal characters I have developed as well as written descriptions of each character in a language and an alphabet that I have developed specifically for the characters.”

Skylar Dunk

Selected as this year’s Emerging Artist, Skylar Dunk is studying illustration and printmaking at OCAD University.

“I have a passion for hand-made art and craft, where the process is just as important as the end result. I’ve experimented  with a lot of different mediums, but something that I always come back to is printing with silk screens. Combining my illustrations with this printing process makes a great graphic combination, and helps me simplify my own work into its best version. I’ve also began to work with needle felting, and found that was a great way to give my ideas shape and dimension. Whatever medium I’m working in, I try to be involved in my work every step of the way, from design to printing.