Ali Lamontagne Illustration

Ali Lamontagne (@ali_stration) is your friendly, neighbourhood (East Toronto) illustrator. It is Ali’s personal mission to provide all of the squirrels with hats, all of the bears with skateboards, and all of the vegetables with expressive faces…at least visually, anyway. Ali hopes to put a smile on your face and a splash of fun and whimsy to your home with her quirky, happy art.

Anthony Jim

Why sketch historical buildings?
Whenever I travel to Montreal and Québec City, I see many historical buildings; cultural activities; and community celebrations taking place in those historical buildings. I feel that Toronto lags behind, so in 2003 I started my Riverdale Historical Architectural Art Project.
I love to draw the historical buildings while sitting in front of them! I see it as an educational process to bring awareness, and nurture a care and love for our historical buildings.

Daniela Rojze

Having experienced art in various fields, it is through images that I search for a voice that is the result of the common vibration that underlies music, literature and visual art. I’ve chosen to pursue this artistic aim through landscapes where very different individuals find themselves, without fear, surrounded by silence and a sweet, quiet, almost meditative loneliness.
In my work I try to concentrate the meaning within the sobriety of black and white.

Nathan Nun Art

Nathan Nun’s artistic focus is fusing anthropomorphic animal characters with historical and fantasy settings and styles. The scope of his original and pastiche works ranges from historically influenced medieval portraits to modern posters. From a patient attention to detail and the joining of cute subjects and studious styles emerges an arrangement of contrasting themes: strangeness and familiarity, the formal and the ordinary, the serious and the whimsical.