Clothing & Children's Wares


My name is Chantal and I am a Industrial, and Textile designer living in Toronto, Canada. I’m a graduate of Industrial Design at OCADU, and have always loved making things with my hands. CGMonsters is a unique design line of stuffed worry monsters and baby shoes; all handmade, sewn with an eye for detail, colour, and patterned fabric. I want to display my art work in a way that will invite, teach and show children that there is art in everything.

clothesPeg designs

I design and hand make baby and children’s clothing and accessories such as t-shirts, onesies, dresses, jumpers, and vests as well as hair pins and crayon rolls. I take my time choosing the vibrant and fun, high quality fabrics to work with and sew it all myself in my home studio. It all started as self taught experimentation with my sewing machine in my spare time to make gifts for friends and family … and then it grew into clothesPeg designs.

Mich is Hooked

I have always had a passion for things made by hand. Crochet for me began as a hobby which slowly sparked an obsession as a maker. Each piece that I create is an extension of my love for nature and my passion for creating. As I found my rhythm with my hooks, crocheting became a meditative process for me. You will never find me without a crochet hook in hand.