Lisa Young Design

I create each piece myself in my home studio in Toronto. A great sense of colour and design have always been my strengths and I use these to make accessories that are fun, unique and fashionable. The pieces are recreated from old vintage jewelry, watch parts, discarded treasures and other findings. I love being able to give new life to discarded items. I believe that buying eco-friendly jewelry from the artist is better for the environment.


Rimanchik was founded in 2003, as a partnership between two good friends and has evolved a lot since then, learning, growing and becoming experts in everything needed to make our ideas and dreams a reality.
The name Rimanchik comes from the Quichua language and means ‘we & you speak’. This idea of harmony is at the heart of our philosophy, as we strive to fulfill people’s daily needs with design that is simple, elegant and a joy to use.