Exhibitor List


Culture Snap Photography

I am moved to reveal individual expression and vibrant community life by photographing street scenes, stage performers, and meaningful interactions of all kinds. Peak moments during public events and layered street scenes that hold tension between objects and symbols are what speak to me the most. Whether capturing taxi drivers in Toronto, or schools in Uganda, I hope to reveal something fresh that provides lasting value to those who engage with my images.

Curious Bird Pottery

Curious Bird Pottery features Handmade Pottery, Ceramic Jewelry and Clocks that are functional, beautiful, and made to be used every day! Bowls and mugs are wheel thrown and sometimes altered while trays, clocks and jewelry are hand built lovingly just for you. Contrasting intricate surface textures with clean forms create modern pieces that hint of traditions from the past.

Daniela Rojze

Having experienced art in various fields, it is through images that I search for a voice that is the result of the common vibration that underlies music, literature and visual art. I’ve chosen to pursue this artistic aim through landscapes where very different individuals find themselves, without fear, surrounded by silence and a sweet, quiet, almost meditative loneliness.
In my work I try to concentrate the meaning within the sobriety of black and white.

Dave Rheaume Artist

I paint vintage archival scenes, typically winter ones, and my medium is acrylic paint on canvas.

Dust On My Boots

I’ve become one of those people who carries a camera at all times, and isn’t afraid to use it. My favourite subjects are buildings, graffiti and sunsets, and I enjoy reworking my photos to see what new framings or renderings will create an entirely new work. My current obsession is handmaking photo transfers on wood blocks, which creates an interesting distressed look to the greyscale prints.

East Of York

You know them, you love them. Make sure to stop by to see what EOY has on the menu for us at #DECAF18!


Enarmoured is handcrafted fine art jewellery created by artist Jordan Clarke in Toronto, Ontario. Working with brass, Jordan creates bold, elegant and timeless pieces of small-batch jewellery. Each piece of jewellery, from the initial sketch to completion, is formed lovingly by hand.

Her background in Fine Art informs Jordan’s approach to design. Inspired by art, architecture, nature and the human figure, Jordan’s aesthetic combines simplicity in design with organic, textured surfaces.

False Ox

False Ox makes amazing heirloom beverages for all occasions.
They make great natural drinks, cocktails and fancy beverages.

furtherworks wood design

As I a self developed 'maker' I have taken a profound interest in reclaiming materials and using them to create authentic, one of a kind pieces of art, decor and furniture.
With a unique perspective I focus on 'furthering the life of salvaged barnwood, vintage finds, and items adandoned as too dusty, rusty or old.

Harold & Ollie Designs

What happens when a plain jane, stressed out, black suit wearing lawyer discovers her hidden creativity and her love for making jewelry? Harold & Ollie Designs, est. 2017. 
At my dining room table in Toronto’s Beaches, I handcraft each piece in my collection. I like to add colour, texture and individuality to everyday wear.  I am obsessed with chainmaille and mixing metals to create classic but texturally complex necklaces and bracelets.

I.M. Wyred

I. M. Wyred, a collection of expertly knit wire bracelets, arm cuffs, necklaces and earrings in mixed metals and semi-precious stones. Founded by Irene McRae, the name is a combination of her name's initials and that all of designs are inspired by wire. Along with knitted jewellery, I. M. Wyred also designs an array of eco conscience necklaces and earrings using tagua seeds, acai seeds, wood and recycled newspaper. Each piece of jewellery is made by hand locally in Toronto.

Julie Glick

My oil paintings of pets are whimsical and contemporary. They celebrate our indulgences as pet owners and all the wonderful characteristics that we attribute to our animals. My approach to the botanical paintings is at once escapist and contemplative, I am inspired by the plant's physical beauty to create symbols of creation and decline. My porcelain work is, in a way, an extension of my botanical paintings: my clay sculptures and functional pieces are a celebration of organic form and texture.

Kim Ryan Makes

I specialize in creating innovative and wearable designs with both fabric and wool. I use hand-dyed natural materials to create my pieces. By using these processes I aim commemorate the employment of traditional craft-based techniques. My work is primarily concerned with colour, pattern, texture and quality of workmanship. Traditional and contemporary textiles influence my practice. I enjoy creating beautiful and useful items with a function and purpose beyond a merely aesthetic nature.

Laila Goddess Comfortwear

As a Happiness Specialist, Laila’s vision expanded her healing career to include clothing collections that support mature women suffering from daily frumpy blues.

Laila committed to servicing a neglected market with flowing, generously cut, flattering styles in essential wardrobe pieces that make a difference to how you feel in your clothes and how you respond to any reflection that catches your eye.

Laila designs the Signature luxury fabrics which are limited edition and hand printed.

Lisa Young Design

I create each piece myself in my home studio in Toronto. A great sense of colour and design have always been my strengths and I use these to make accessories that are fun, unique and fashionable. The pieces are recreated from old vintage jewelry, watch parts, discarded treasures and other findings. I love being able to give new life to discarded items. I believe that buying eco-friendly jewelry from the artist is better for the environment.

Magic Oven

#deliciouslyhealthy since 1997! Try Magic Oven's wholesome and natural pizza, salads and more at the fair or drop by their East End location at 1450 Danforth Avenue. Vegan and gluten-free options available.

Mich is Hooked

I have always had a passion for things made by hand. Crochet for me began as a hobby which slowly sparked an obsession as a maker. Each piece that I create is an extension of my love for nature and my passion for creating. As I found my rhythm with my hooks, crocheting became a meditative process for me. You will never find me without a crochet hook in hand.


I was born in Japan, and grew up surrounded by the bounty of nature that both nurtured and inspired me. In my homeland I studied the ancient floral art of Ikebana, and this has profoundly influenced my design aesthetic over the last twenty-five years. In 2010 I decided to pursue my interest in pottery.
My work is a unique fusion of hand built and wheel thrown pottery and floral elements. I grow many of my own botanicals while the rest are locally sourced. Along with orchids, succulents and air plants.

Morgan Wolfe Grant

Morgan started studying painting and drawing as a child, but took some time off to focus on music. She has dabbled in acrylic, oil, encaustic, and photography, but has most recently been focusing on watercolour. She's obsessed with painting flora and fauna, including the occasional human.

Naked Dog Bakery

It's nothing but the best for your dog. We use only quality, human grade ingredients. Our treats have no corn, wheat, soy, added sugar or preservatives and contain minimal ingredients. All treats are gluten free and we have grain free options available.