Exhibitor List


Nature and respect for the environment has always been important to me. Our products are completely natural and contain skin-nourishing ingredients. All my soaps are cold-pressed in small batches using heirloom techniques perfected and polished with time.

9Senses for Autism
In addition 9Senses makes weighted Blankets that strive to improve the quality of life of young people on the Autistic spectrum. We support Autism Ontario by donating a portion of our sales.


All of our pieces begin with a vision. Through a variety of techniques such as annealing, soldering, forming, texturing and polishing my pieces slowly transform from rough wax or metal to the pieces I had envisioned and often taking on a life of their own along the way.


Since the age of twenty, I have been a visual and decorative artist, dedicated to the creation of ceramic sculpture and pottery. My creative activity ranges from design to intuitive art. The root for my artistic style is based upon my studies of European and Japanese ancient traditions and cultures. My personal beliefs in these cultures inspire and fulfil my creative stream.

Alice Gong

Alice Gong is a #DECAF19 emerging artist! Alice is a 25-year-old artist who was self-taught until she decided to pursue Fine Arts professionally in 2018. Alice currently makes art simply for the sake of creating; she is still learning about herself and her attitude towards what she decides to bring to life. An important element in Alice's work is the fine details; she strives to achieve realism in her paintings in order to challenge her technical skills.

Anthony Jim

Why sketch historical buildings? Whenever I travel to Montreal and Quebec City, I see many historical buildings; cultural activities; and community celebrations taking place in those historical buildings. I feel that Toronto lags behind, so in 2003 I started my Riverdale Historical Architectural Art Project. I present these images in pencil sketches to express my feeling, my interpretation, and also demonstrate free hand pencil techniques.

bumblebee jewelry

bumblebee jewelry is designed and created entirely by my own hand, using pliers, cutters, and the occasional hammer.

Brimming with unexpected colours and sass, bumblebee strives to eclipse conventional limits in design and create a sparkly respite in this numbing age of mechanical reproduction.

C.M. Duffy Art and Illustration

My work delves into conceptually surreal realms inspired by an observant love of nature and helped by healthy dosages of daydreams. Each piece is an exercise in problem solving with what I have between my ears, my two eyes, two hands and predominantly traditional art materials. My aim whilst creating and for the beheld resultant work is always to immerse myself and the viewer in an enchanting sensory experience of wonder - always wonder above all.

Celena’s Bakery

WELCOME BACK TO TRADITIONAL BAKING. Celena's baking is simple, transparent and delicious. Everything we sell is created, prepared and baked fresh, on site. Our Bakers have creativity, experience and passion.


CGMonsters is a unique design line of Stuffed Monsters and Baby Shoes; all handmade, sewn with an eye for detail, colour, and patterned fabric.
The inspiration for my stuffed plush Happy Monsters, and Baby Shoes, comes from all the textures, colours and patterns around me.
Each monster's personality comes from the patterned fabric chosen, as well as the eye colours, and hand-sewn smiles or teeth. Fabric Baby Shoes are flexible, durable, and provide safer crawling and walking for babies.

Christine Walker Art

Christine Walker's recent artwork explores the experiences of migratory songbirds in urban environments through painting. The more controlled Acrylic paint against the organic nature of the watercolour paint is similar to the contrast between the built and natural environments. The colours used reference the ability of birds to see ultraviolet light, and to have access to a multitude of colours that we, as humans, cannot experience.

ClothesPeg designs

I am trained and work as a physiotherapist at a rehabilitation hospital but I have always enjoyed creating handmade items for friends and family. I am a self taught sewer. I started making home decor items and purses at first, then I branched into making baby and children's clothes after so many of my friends started having children. I had so much fun designing them and they were so well received that I decided to give it a try to sell them, and I've stayed with it ever since, creating an expanding collection of clothes and accessories.

corbin creative: Art Department

Upcycling paper scraps and combining them with illustration, corbin creative creates a series of mixed media art prints and greeting cards—perfect for you or some other lovely, quirky human you might be lucky enough to know.

CSP Arts Embroidery

Textile designer for over 20 years in France for renowned fashion designers, I am the owner of CSP Arts Embroidery for five years in Toronto. I create adornments with Haute Couture technique of embroidery, my creations honour an ancestral French know-how and illustrate my vision of Canadian symbols. They will not be only fashion but a work of Art. I love working with professional and custom made for lovers of art trades.

Culture Snap Photography

I capture layered street scenes, and peak moments of life and beauty from around the world, creating photos that stir hearts and minds. I apply select and limited edits to my work, and print on high quality papers and materials, delivering image art that provides lasting value and enjoyment.

Cumin Kitchen

A traditional Indian restaurant that offers delicious authentic Indian flavors right here in this amazing city of Toronto.

Prepare yourself for the most delicious Indian food in Toronto made with 100% natural spices and lots of love to satisfy your hunger!


Curious Bird Pottery

Handmade pottery meant to be used every day. It's just me from the initial glimpse of an idea to formulating glazes and firing the work myself. I am fascinated with texture and use everything from carved wooden adornment to hand carved linoblocks to impress soft clay. I also adore modern design so to rectify these two aesthetics, I often use clean lines and strong forms combined with intricate surface texture or glazes with interesting depth. 

Dave Rheaume Artist

Dave Rheaume is a self-taught Toronto-based artist of Metis heritage. Since 1985 he has worked as a television director and editor, but from an early age he had a passion for art. His film-making background shows through in his paintings, with their sense of story, composition and lighting. Several of Dave's paintings have sold to private collectors in Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Doug Mighton

I have saved over 3000 lovely old vintage windows from the dumpster. The frames are sourced from all over the province, cleaned up, sanded, and then the glass is hand painted, each with an original design. These pieces can be displayed in a window or hung on a wall as an original work of art. I have been selling in markets and stores in the GTA and Muskoka for years.  I have lived, worked, and raised my family in this part of the city for 30 years.

Dust On My Boots

I’ve become one of those people who carries a camera at all times, and isn’t afraid to use it. My favourite subjects are buildings, graffiti and sunsets, and I enjoy reworking my photos to see what new framings or renderings will create an entirely new work. My current obsession is handmaking photo transfers on wood blocks, which creates an interesting distressed look to the greyscale prints.

East Of York

You know them, you love them. Make sure to stop by to see what EOY has on the menu for us at #DECAF19!